Felipe Innocente

Felipe Innocente

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

About Felipe Innocente

My name is Felipe Innocente, known as INNO. I was born in São Paulo – Brazil, in the traditional Mooca neighborhood and I’m 38 years old. I graduated in Advertising; I work for more than 13 years with Art Direction and Design. Art has controlled me as a child and I am investing in the same measure as a fractal. I have been one part of 2003 in California. And I have been in London and Castelraimondo in Italy in 2010 and 2011, where I acquired knowledge and cultural experience when I carried out works of communi- cation, art and urban interventions. I made more than 1001 interventions with my Character – Ze Ri Co in Europe. In São Paulo – Brazil made a few more pieces and dedicated me to the paintings of the street. I was the first Brazilian to paint in Braccano-Italy, a city known for its walls and the face of houses painted by artists from all over the world. I took part in the Live Call Parade and my destination was exhibited at Praça da Sé – São Paulo – SP, Brazil. Currently, the Atelier is in São Paulo – SP and work with art and communication. This year is i ́m returning to Paris for the export of Carrousel du Louvre for the third consecutive year and opening doors to the US at New York and Miami.


Plastic Artist, Art Direction and Design.


Amsterdam Whitney Gallery - New York . 2018, September

Art & Design Galley - Miami . 2018, September

Carrousel du Louvre - Paris . 2018, October


Carrousel du Louvre - Paris . 2017, October

Carrousel du Louvre - Paris . 2016, October

SweetBob - Amsterdam . 2016

Spazio Surreale - São Paulo . 2016

Artecolado - São Paulo . 2016