Fernanda Cataldo

Fernanda Cataldo

Santiago, Metropolitana, Chile

About Fernanda Cataldo

I was born in Santiago de Chile, 1980. I grew up observing the wonderful landscapes in the south of my country, a main source of inspiration and connection with nature.

While I was studing Architecture, I started accepting commissions. After graduating I spent a year travelling around Europe, one year that contributed largely in my appreciations about the world of art and encouraged me to see more of the world. I have worked freelance in the architecture and design industry. Today I collaborate with an agent in London mainly for commissioned portraits; while enjoying my personal work as a time for experimentation.

My inspiration comes from common places and situations, fleeting moments, nature, impressionism... and contemporary artists as P. Doig, A.Ghenie, A.Kanevsky. I hope that viewers will place their own stories on her pieces and maybe think of something they had forgotten from their own lifes.

My works are mainly figurative, exploring color relations and ammassed layers compositions. I use primarily acrylic paint and non-traditional materials, sometimes even creating my own tools. I grow from trying the unconventional way. My toy box has many mediums, from traditional pencils to acrylics in spray. I enjoy experimenting, mixing up, so finally you can't really tell how the work was painted.

Painting is a way to articulate your thoughts. You want to discover a path to follow up, you doubt, you'll get lost eventually! a whole challenge to yourself... So it's always exciting when you discover that path. It will last a moment until you feel lost again... because it's hard to be your own judge! you'll need an explorer soul.

Today I am a fulltime painter.
I'm open to projects and commissions!


Graduated from Architecture, Universidad de Chile 2008


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Art Revolution Taipei, April 2016
Mckay Williamson artists, London 2016
Bazart UC contemporary art fair, Santiago 2013
BazarED, Deco art fair, Santiago 2012
Solo exhibition, Santiago 2008
International Art Bachelors, final exhibition, Santiago 1998