Hadjira Bayou

Hadjira Bayou

Algiers, Algeria

About Hadjira Bayou

My last collection about "The Quest for the absolute"
So, your truth, might not be my truth, and vice versa.I sometimes find myself in particular states, a sort of state of grace. I wonder how inspiration comes to me and where it comes from. I have the feeling of entering into communication with unknown spheres and being mysteriously helped in my creation, as if an external alchemy was doing a part of my work. This is a strange phenomenon, common, I am a kind of mystic listening to an absolute.


Faiza Bayou born September 24, 1963 Algiers Algeria .. Painter, illustrator and teacher of visual art.
1982-1987: A Study in Fine Art.
1987-1988: Works in a ceramics studio.
1989-2009: Teaching Visual Art.
2011: Art director


2006: Exhibition November 26 contemporary living in Switzerland to Expolac Palace Hilton.
2007: Participation in Algiers capital of Arab culture, literary books cover Works
2008: Painting Exhibition "Mosaic".
2009: Exhibition at the Autumn Fair at the gallery Baya at the Palace of Culture in Algiers.
2010: Group exhibition with the "collective Alumni of Fine Arts" at the library in the street nods.
2010: Participation in Royal art collection in London for an exhibition project in Dubai.
2010: Participation in a group exhibition on the book of death organized by Sonja Benskin Mesher Wales to London.
2010: Participated in a group exhibition at "Mobius Surrealestate" in Boston.
2010: Participation in Art-Mail in honor of "Judith Hoffberg" in California.
2010: Collective exhibition in France on "History"
2010: Exhibition in Greece on "Humans, colors and music"
2011: Exhibition of paintings March 24, 2011 at the "SIAC" in Marseille.
2011: Painting Competition with the group of former fine arts at the center of the arts and leisure
2011: Painting exhibition on February 22 at the gallery E 'zouar.
2011: Group exhibition March 17 at the National Museum of Fine Arts.
2011: Participation in the painting competition on March 8 at the center of the arts and leisure Audin.
2011: Painting exhibition March 5, 2011 at the gallery E 'zouar "Woman Star".
2011: Exhibition of paintings LE11 April 2011 at the gallery "The Garage"
2011: International Exhibition of the future technology on May 17 at the Palace of Culture.
2013: Collective Exhibition on "Retrieve Art" at the arts center and leisure in Audin.
2013: Painting Exhibition April 12, 2013 in Spain, Ayuntamiento cultural center of Churriana de la Vega
2013: In June 2013, organization of workshops at the Fine Arts Mostaganem, donated a work to the benefit of future regional museum Mostaganem in Algiers.
2014: Symposium in Turkey Kushadasi.
2015: Exhibition at Hotel Sofitel in Algiers
2016: Group exhibition In Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Italy.