RICHMOND, SURREY, United Kingdom


I am a UK born Large Format Imax cinematographer who line produced “Genocide” an Academy Award winning film with Orson Welles and Elizabeth Taylor. Earlier credits include “The Making of Star Wars” with George Lucas. Now semi-retired and after 50 years of traveling the world I have transferred my best 35mm transparencies to digital images. Many of which have been creatively manipulated for extreme effect, resulting in what I believe is a digital art form in a unique style. I am constantly adding new images including abstracts and I invite you to view my work. Contact me on and I will be happy to connect. Studying the photography of the masters over the years has made me appreciate the more subtle images and effects that can be achieved and I hope I am still improving. Technology being what it is, catch-up is the order of the day. The 1968 Rolling Stones images were taken at an all-night session of filming “Jumping Jack Flash”. Cocktails of vodka and milk were served with certain Peruvian addictive’s available in vast quantities. A full English breakfast at dawn fueled further shooting on Hampstead Heath. I met with Mick Jagger after we had all recovered, I more damaged than most and he took one image from the seventy and said do with the rest as you wish. These images are unique as there was no other photographer at the studio shoot. These images are available at


Being expelled from college was not an education. The reason? It was Guy Fawkes day! That thrust me into the motion picture industry from clapper boy to Imax cameraman. Any such street smarts would have been culled from London’s Soho, New York’s Greenwich Village, Los Angeles’ Hollywood and South Africa’s diamond fields. Fifty years of filming with the best cinematographers allowed me an education quite unique. I am now semi-retired but continuing to photograph and lecture on my various motion picture and photographic experiences. The talent in the motion picture industry is very generous and quite ready to share knowledge and techniques. Listen and learn was the order of the day. Being expelled from college was not an education.


Line producer and cinematographer on the Academy Award winning "Genocide" with Orson Welles and Elizabeth Taylor. Various global awards for commercials and Imax films. Cameraman and director on "The Making of Sar Wars"... Kissed by Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Tony public! Invited by the Rolling Stones to photograph filming of "Jumping Jack Flash", Sworn at by the Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Anne and Frank Sinatra


This is my first offer of all my images to the public. The Saatchi gallery in London projected my Rolling Stones images via their video projection system. National Geographic projected a 20 x 20 foot image of mine at the New York World Fair of Winston Churchill’s funeral.
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