Flynn Newton

Flynn Newton

Hennef, Germany

About Flynn Newton

J. Flynn Newton is the alias for german photographer Jürgen F. Novotny who is best known for his CAMERASELFIES project. What happens when photo cameras would come up with the idea to take selfies? Historical, bizarre and beautiful cameras capture themselves... on background of contemporary wallpapers. Featured on CNN, LUI, LensCulture, ProfiFoto a.m.o.
In the digital age very often the sensation of those mechanical miracles seems to disappear, in a time where "analog" film cameras retain their sometimes strange and special character while the digital design is seemingly far ahead by any means (

By adding colors - with his pop art series "COLORIMPOSSIBLE“ - J. Flynn Newton alias Jürgen F. Novotny wants to exaggerate his subjects and their messages, sometimes reducing them to absurdity, sometimes highlighting their presence. By showing these subjects „overdressed“ the such post processed photographies seem to unveil their real significance (

COLORLIMITED: How do the various colors influence our mood, what is the impact of Red, Green, Violet? And what happens when seemingly everyday objects try to camouflage themselves and begin to merge with their backgrounds? This time photographer J. F. Novotny - known for his CameraSelfies - combines colors, backgrounds and sometimes absurd items …resulting in beautiful, shouting, contemplative, minimalistic and often grotesque still lives.

By capturing his painting like still lifes in different shades of a single color, photographer J. Flynn Newton (alias J. F. Novotny) coincidentally hides and exaggerates his minimalistic subjects: vases filled with unusual, almost bizarre objects which - in comparison to usual lifestyle accessories - catch the spectator's view (


University Cologne


Feature RosPhoto September 2019
Curated for Saatchi Arts’ “Art for the New House”
Feature HK01 (Hongkong) May 2019
Feature Playboy May 2019
Feature “Rôles inversés” in Courrier International May 2019
Feature My Modern MET April 2019
Feature designboom April 2019
Feature PLAIN Magazine March 2019
Feature British GQ Magazine June 2017
Feature & Interview AESTHETICA Magazine 72
ProfiFoto 6/2015 cover and feature
fotoMAGAZIN "Meisterwerke" 04/2015
LUI France feature 01/2015
CNN feature and interview 12/2014
PetaPixel Feature 12/2014
LensCulture Editors Pick 11/2014


"The Picture House", Cheval Gloucester Park, London 02/2020
WITHERS worldwide London collection 02/2019
The Directed Art Modern (D.A.M.) Exhibition 09/2018
Solo Exhibition "CameraSelfies" Germany 01/2017
Exhibition @ photokina Cologne 2016
VERNISSAGE Fotokunst Germany 2016
SOHO Arthouse New York City, May 2014
IHK Bonn/Germany
Meys Fabrik/Hennef/Germany