Francesca Busca

Francesca Busca

London, United Kingdom

About Francesca Busca

I like to define myself as an eco-artivist or RUBBISH ARTIST. Torn between optimism and surrender, I am  haunted by the idea of mankind’s imminent self-destruction. Yet, I believe in a future for humanity of resourceful innovation through re-thinking, re-purposing and reducing. It is this hope that is made visible through my work, which is composed almost entirely of rubbish and ‘found’ material.
I thoroughly enjoy working within both the ethical and the material limitations which this choice entails, working with material which often take years to gather. They call for a constant and ingenuous adaptation, and every tessera I manage to create out of rubbish makes it all worth it, as it is in itself a protest against the disposable lifestyle we currently lead. Whilst keeping my carbon footprint to the bare minimum, it also allows me to provide a different perspective on what society generally sees as rubbish: in my world, rubbish deserves respect. My “trashure” acquires new uses, value and meanings, and becomes the undisputed protagonist of my artworks, as fun and beautiful a Cinderella as I can master it to be.
I hope to inspire real change, however small, one small piece of rubbish at a time, and to remind us of our indissoluble interdependence with the ecosystem, reiterating the urgency for a swift move from an unsustainable anthropocentric society to an all-encompassing circular economy focused on the common good of whole eco-system.


My background is in the Classics and Law, which I studied (and/or practiced) in Italy, France, England and NYC. For some strange misconception, I always thought that Art was too ‘easy’ and fun to be a job. Eventually, some wisdom caught up with me.
In 2018 I launched the Payment in Kind(ness) initiative, whereby I accept eco-friendly gestures (“Little Things”) as payment in kind toward my artwork.
Ironically, my Little Things exhibition in Kensington was censored within the first week of opening, as it was found to be “too controversial” by some of the estate residents.

In 2019 l launched my "Art for Trash" initiative, as part of what I named the "ArtWORKivism" movement. The aim is to bring eco-artivism inside business offices, and to stimulate ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS and RESPONSIBILITY in the professional sphere.  It involves the employees collecting a selection of their office daily rubbish, which I then use to make an artwork for their office. The pilot project was run with Bluefield Partners in their London City office. My latest project was run at Adobe’s offices at the White Collar Factory in London, where I was commissioned 5 pieces for their main corridor. Unfortunately, all other proposals are on halt due to current office closures.

I run pro bono art projects with schools on eco-awareness. My longest collaboration (March 2018 - April 2019) was “A Breath of Fresh Air” with the London International Gallery of Children’s Art, which involved 5 schools in London and Delhi and culminated in an exhibition at the Nehru Centre in Mayfair - along with a few workshops with primary and secondary school students.

I am also a Green Flag assessor, and the Fabrication module Lecturer at the London School of Mosaic.

I have participated in over 60 art exhibitions internationally, received a number of awards and appeared in dozens of publications.

I have permanent exhibitions at the ex chiesa di Santa Chiara in Murano, Venice, and at Halcyon Interiors in Wigmore Street, London.


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- Halcyon Interiors, Wigmore St, London

- The Glass Cathedral, Fond. Manin, 1, Murano, Venice, Italy, 2016-2021

- "Art and Sustainability in Dialogue" virtual exhibition, Staiy Atelier, December 2020

- "A Quiet Place", Annex Gallery, November 2019

- End of the Year Diploma Show, London School of Mosaic, London, Sept 2019

- CURATOR of "All That Matter", 2019 BAMM exhibition, Redwing Gallery, Penzance, 6 Apr-3 May 2019

- "Positive Emotions", Kunsthuis Gallery, Mill Green Farm, Crayke YO61 4TT, 6 Apr - 27 Oct 2019

- "A Breath of Fresh Air", Nehru Centre, London, 25 - 29 March 19

- "We Grow into the Forest", The Art Pavilion, Mile End Park, London, 14-24March 19

- La Settima Arte Riflessa, Jardines de la Buhaira, Seville, Spain, 6-7 October 2018

- "I am a Woman and this is my Legacy", Laura I. Gallery, London, 4-16 October 18

- CURATOR of "Open Ended" 2018 BAMM Exhibition, London School of Mosaic, London, 21 September-19 October 18

- "Little Things (Re-Think, Re-Use, Re-Purpose)" , SOLO Exhibition, Bridgeman House, 1 Radnor Terrace, London, 10-24 May 18. CENSORED ON 15 MAY 2018 AS FOUND TOO CONTROVERSIAL

- "OureARTh", Kunsthuis Gallery, Mill Green Farm, Crayke, 24 March 2018 – 24 March 2019

- "Vibrant" exhibition, the Old Biscuit Factory, London, 21

- FLUX Exhibition, Chelsea College of Art, London, 11-15 April 18

- "Threads", The Artists' Pool, Espacio Gallery, London, March 18

- BowWow Haus London: designing & decorating a dog kennel, then on exhibition at St Pancras, London, Jan 17 - May 18, and auctioned for charity for Blue Cross

- "Find Me" Exhibition, Vernice Contemporanea, Biennale Off. 57. Biennale d'Arte di Venezia, Venice, 1-29 Oct 17

- Nasty Women UK Exhibition, Stour Space, London E3 2PA, 22-24 Sept 17. Artwork to be sold to raise funds for End Violence Against Women

- "Now That's What I Call Art", Laura I. Art Gallery, Ice House Court, London, 7-23 Sept 17

- "From Rome to London", Southbank Mosaics, St Lawrence Jewry, Guildhall Yard, London, 7 July - 16 Sep 17

- FLUX Exhibition, The Chelsea College of Art, London, 12-16 July 2017. Featured as Artist In the Spotlight

- "Threads", Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh EH3 6HZ, 4-15 July 2017

- Creative Quarterly N.46 online exhibition, spring/summer 2017

- FLUX Exhibition, The Chelsea College of Art, London, 12-16 July 2017

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- Featured in Average Art Magazine, March 2017

- MeArt - Biennale Internazionale del Mediterraneo, Palermo, Italy, 9-12 March 2017

- "Contemporary Venice", It’s LIQUID International Art Show, Palazzo Flangini, Venice, Italy, 14 Dec 2016-14 Jan 2017

- Overall winner at the "Open No Theme 3D & Mixed Media" exhibition, Contemporary Art Gallery Online, Nov 2016

- Spectrum 2016 with World Wide Art/Artavita, Booth 807, Miami, FL, 30 Nov - 4 Dec 2016

- "Oxygen - Fragmented Cities+Identities", It's Liquid International Art Festival, Jorge Jurado Art Studio in Bogota', Colombia, 19 Nov - 19 Dec 2016

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- Overall Winner of the "Spotlight Solo Art Contest", International Gallery of the Arts, 15 Oct - 15 Dec 2016

- "Frida Kahlo – Lust for Life" exhibition, Menier Gallery, London, 4 – 31 Aug 2016