Francine Kohn

Francine Kohn


About Francine Kohn

Raised in Long Beach, California, Francine Kohn has a love of water, bright colors and vibrant energy. She sees life as colored-energy patterns, using this ability to heal herself and others. Painting is her first language, color her first love. Francine uses the convergence of matter and spirit to create her art form.

At first mind-blowing her acrylic and oil paintings are dynamic explosions of colors and rhythms becoming waves of passion and power. Images appear to move across the surface. Each work shows successfully mastering this ever changing, merging reality through universal human experiences and perception. This personal bridging to the eternal rhythms of the Universe she calls "Evolutionary Paintings, Moving Pictures".

Layers of unique, original glazes and impastos create original, flickering and shimmering colors. The effect is an ever-changing scene of luminous shapes and surfaces appearing to move and to glow at different viewing angles and distances. Her influences are the potential of the individual, Nichiren's Buddhism, Hindustani music, metaphysics, personal growth and technology. These vibrant and organic works are the space where art, science, spirituality, and magic come alive.


Art & art history at the College of Marin; Hindustanivocal music with Dr. Ali Akbar Khan; studio work withArt Holman, Color Field painter with independent studyof metaphysics, art education, computers andWeb/Internet.Palm Springs Desert Museum, 32nd Annual NationalJuried Show, juror: Ann Philbin, Director, UCLA/HammerMuseum, Palm Springs, CA, U.S.A. Falkirk Cultural Center,Annual Juried Exhibition,juror: Ruth Braunstein,Braunstein/Quay Gallery, SanRafael, CA , U.S.A.,