CROZON, france, France

About FROB B

B. in 1970, FROB has always drawn on notebooks corners. During his law school, he escaped benches of the faculty crunching his similar, also inspired by his exciting and vibrant teachers' long litanies. He now works as an independent on the day and then at night, insomniac, he draws and paints. He loves coffee. He also loves comics and it is visible in his compositions with broad black lines. Initially focused on portraits, FROB now operates on a form of naive, raw, figurative free (at least that's what his knowledged relatives told him). He likes to have a big black felt pen in the pocket and acrylic tubes and pots never too far (except during the day because he works). He learns discovering, constantly experimenting. New and curious phenomenon : when he has not been painting for 2 days, he has a left hand little tremor.


Law (Limoges) and multimedia (Paris) high studies.


- galerie du vieux pont - Treignac - France - Corrèze (19) du 01 juillet au 31 octobre 2019
- salon de peinture de Landivisiau (29)
du 5 novembre au 11 décembre 2016
- Bar de la poste - Guéret (23)
du 12 septembre au 30 octobre 2016
- Bar "Le Barry Lindon" - Guéret (23)
du 15 juillet au 15 septembre 2016
- "Peinture et Sculpture en Presqu’île" - Groupe Scolaire de Crozon (29)
du 17 juillet au 15 août 2016
- "31ème salon de peinture et de sculpture" - Plomodiern (29)
du 01 au 15 août 2016
- La quincaillerie numérique - Guéret (23)
du 09 avril 2016 au 04 mai 2016