Xiaoyang Galas

Xiaoyang Galas

Bourg-en-Bresse, France

About Xiaoyang Galas

Xiaoyang Galas is a Chinese artist living and working in France. She studied Fine Art (Painting) and received a master’s degree in Chinese art history & art critic from the Sichuan Fine Art Academy, China.

In her paintings Xiaoyang seeks to bring together the East and West. Her technique, often mixed, acrylic, oil, collage and plant tissues, can give an impression of patching. This effect, seem far from inconsistent or incongruous touch in its simplicity. The artist is not afraid to mix colors and honeyed acids. She also uses writing: Chinese, French and English characters, frequently used words in the Holy Bible.

“There is so much darkness and sorrow in this world, I no longer want to paint the dark side. I would like my art to be a tribute to the beauty of this world… I want it to be heart warming for all people… a message of peace and love…”

“For me, life is a journey with a purpose, art is a game with meaning. “

The artist expresses artistically the sole hope of being able to transmit a message of peace and love. Her gift is to magnify what is essential in life.

Xiaoyang Galas’ artwork is held in private and public collections all over the world.


Studied Fine Art (Painting) and received a master’s degree in Chinese art history & art critic from the Sichuan Fine Art Academy, China.


Public Collections: Museum of Time, Geneva, Switzerland; Evian, France. CFA Museum, Athens, Greece.
Private collections: USA, Canada, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Monaco, Turkey,Greece,
Japan, China, Kuwait, UK, Australia.
San Shi Art Gallery, Hong Kong. Gallery Taiwan.
The Royal Caribbean Ovation project, London, UK.
Annuities Genevoises Collection, Geneva, Switzerland. The Hauts de Genolier Residence, Switzerland.
Oil painting illustration of travel guide in Corsica, 30 languages,
Dorling Kindersley Publishing, UK. Paintings illustration "At home with art", UK

1994 Wrote script for Qing Long Zhen Woodcut art television program, which was broadcast on CCTV, Chinese Educational TV Sichuan TV & Chongqing TV stations. 1997 Painted a series of landscape paintings in Yunnan, wrote prose Yunnan Travels along with each paintings. The entire series was collected by a Taiwan Gallery. Series Flowers collected by a gallery in Hong Kong. Wrote script for art television program If the Sky Had Feelings, broadcast on CCTV, Chinese Educational TV, Chongqing TV & Sichuan TV stations. 1998 Commenced post-graduate studies majoring in Chinese Art History and Art Critic at Sichuan Fine Arts Academy. 1999 Some academic theses and oil-paintings published in various magazines & newspapers. Qing long Zhen WoodcutandIf the Sky Had Feelingsart television programs awarded 2nd & 3rd prizes by Chinese Ministry of Education 2000 Painted oil-paintings about Landscapes in China & France 2001 Completed the thesis named Vanished Views ----- Art of Ming and Qing Dynasty Rooted in the Classical Life and Psychological Mood. Got the Master diploma for Chinese Art History and Art Critic from Sichuan Fine Arts Academy, China. 2002 Personal oil-paintings show named 'Cross Villages ----- From China To Europe ' , Rentes Genevoises, Geneva, SwitzerlandSpiritual Diaries shown in Gallery Leda Fletcher, Chinese contemporary art, Geneva, Switzerland. Personal exhibition in Gex, France. Personal exhibition in Nyon, Switzerland 2003 Oil painting named 'sunshine, sea and village' has been published in the Travel Guide Corsica with all languages, Dorling Kindersley, London. Personal exhibition Echo of Naturefrom China to Leman , Gallery Zabbeni, Vevey, Switzerland. Personal exhibition Colour and Poetry, Clinique de Genolier, Switzerland. 2004 Collective exhibition "Spring colors", Clinique de Genolier, Switzerland. Collective exhibition, Galleria Luna, CA, USA. August 2005 Personal exhibition, Chteau de Fonbonne, Evian, France.


2006 Personal exhibition, Neuvecell, France. oil painting "sunset in Evian" got the First Price of the city and collected by City Evian.
2007-2008 Exposition collective "Les peintres du Léman", organisée par la ville d'Evian, France.
Plusieurs peintures publiées par "At Home With Art", Londres, UK.
2009 Exposition collective, Galerie JMA, Vienne, Autriche.
Exposition personnelle, Genolier, Suisse. Exposition collective, Galerie Art & Déco, Bordeaux, France.
Participation au salon International « Voir et Avoir », Bordeaux, France.
2010 Exposition collective "Les peintres du Léman", organisée par la ville d'Evian, France.
Exposition collective, Galerie Open Art, Dijon, France.
2011 Exposition personnelle a l'ecole CDI Le Devoir à Chalon sur saone.
Exposition personnelle “Be with you ”, J5 Art Gallery, Montreux, Suisse.
Exposition personnelle, Galerie Regard, Sainte Maxime, France.
Exposition personnelle, “Love, hope and believe”, Clinique de Genolier, Suisse.
Exposition personnelle, « Le temps des emotions » a Cité du Temps, Genève, Suisse.
2012 Exposition personnelle, Galerie Cathédrale, Fribourg, Suisse.
Exposition collective, Galerie Regard, Sainte Maxime, France.
2013 Exposition personnelle a CDE,Genève,Suisse.
2014 Exposition collective, Galerie d'art St Genis, Gex, France.
Exposition à Galerie Cathédrale, Fribourg, Suisse.
2015 Exposition personnelle à la Résidence les Hauts de Genolier, Suisse.
2017-2018 Exposition personnelle à la Clinique Nescens de Genolier, Suisse.
2019 Participate the « 35x35 project», artwork in permanent collection by CFA Museum, Athens, Greece.