George Pavel

George Pavel

Aachen, NRW, Germany

About George Pavel

Born: November 12th, 1953 in Beidaud-Dobruja, Romania.

George Pavel found a new form of dialogue with the open space, the one which the world famous Romanian artist Brancusi had opened in the early twentieth century. The form has a dialogue with the space, even begins to be movable by itself, through its compositional structure, its dynamic character, adjacent to the infinity.

Due to space as a sculptural element, as moldable material, the sculpture appears open, full of energy.

The aerodynamic forms of George Pavel´s sculptures embody "Lapses" or "Lapse Spirals" made of stainless steel or bronze. They produce excellent aesthetic emotions through the harmony between polished and unpolished surfaces. The dialogue between form and space, light and shadow, is an outstanding feature of the architecture of his works.
The idea is welded into the polished metal, the matter is thus defeated and can reach cosmic size, that allow the connection of a deep earthly object to the infinite space. Dreaming and meditating, the artists experiences the purity and beauty, qualities which he conveys his works. Beyond, the artist gets the self-control of his creative force in the artistic creation.

It is the combination of a poetic gift with the diligence of the work and the respect for the creation itself, which issues these sculptures the strength and dimension to speak for themselves.

George Pavel has an amazingly mature artistic vocabulary.

His sculptures are loaded with tension, energy and vitality. Their message comes from the cosmos.


1968 - 1972 Art School Constanta , Romania
1976 – 1980 Art Academy Bucharest
Specialized in sculpture - Prof. N. Adam

Since 1990 lives and works in Belgium and Aachen, Germany


Cultural & Art Events:
1992 Member of the salon "Inter-Arts, Aix en Provence, France
1996 Member of the Federal Association of Visual Artists Aachen / Euregio, Germany

1980/85 Tirgoviste and Sibiu, Romania

1. Prize for the sculpture of Tirgoviste, Romania
1. Prize of the Show "Arts-Inter" Aix en Provence, France

Fountain of stainless steel, “Aviation school” Bäneasa, Romania
"Spiral time", stainless steel, Neustadt ad W., Germany
"Freedom", stainless steel, Schlecker Group Headquarters, Ehingen, Germany
"Space Dialogue" bronze, St.Edmund 's College, Cambridge, England
„Synergy“ Luise-Hospital, Aachen, Germany
„Genesis“Senior-Living, Brühl, Germany


1978 – 1989 Participation in more than 20 exhibitions in Romania
1979 – 1985 Novy Sad, Yugoslavia, Poznan, Warsaw, Montreal,
Moscow, Berlin and Erfurt, Velos, Greece
1988 Sculpture wich Enamel Limoges, France
1991/92/93/94 "Salon d'Automne Grand Palais, Paris, France
1992 Salon "Arts-Inter" Aix en Provence, France
1994 International Contemporary Sculpture Show, Paris, France
1996/97 International Contemporary Art Fair "Etruria arte" Venturina, Italy
Avellino 1996, Padova, Rome, Italy
1996/97 art fair "LineArt" Gent, Belgium
1997 Campaign "at the same time" - Belgian radio - Eupen, Belgium
1997 Years exhibition BBK Aachen / Euregio, Ludwig Forum Aachen, Germany
2000 "Expo 2000 Hanover" Sparkasse Aachen, Germany
2006 "St. Mauritius Therapy Clinic ", Meerbusch, Germany
2006 "Arte Tri" Vaals, Netherlands
2007 "Salle Capitulaire-Mably" Bordeaux, France
2007 "Romanian Cultural Institute" Titu Maiorescu ", Berlin, Germany
2007 "Unique Gallery, Cologne, Germany
2009 "Art in Dialogue" Recreation Society Aachen, Germany
2009 "Critical-Political" Dürener goal of Duke City Nideggen, Germany
2010 "Romanian artists' Edegem, Belgium
2011 Years exhibition BBK Aachen / Euregio, Arcade Gallery Aachen, Germany
2012 Group exhibition "Sculpture and Drawing" gallery Arcade Aachen, Germany
2013 „Visual aspects III“Gallery21 Aachen, Germany
2014 “Mozart Arte” – Aachen Art Route, Germany
"New approaches to art," Eschweiler near Aachen, Germany
2014/15 „Christmas Exhibition“Gallery Hexagone Aachen, Germany
2015/16 „Agora Gallery“ New York, USA
2016 „Aula Carolina“ Aachen, Germany
2016 „BOZAR“ Brüssel, Belgium.
2018 Galerie Hexagone Aachen, Germany
2018 Galerie il quadro Aachen, Germany