Zsuzsanna Gesztelyi Nagy

Zsuzsanna Gesztelyi Nagy

Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

About Zsuzsanna Gesztelyi Nagy

Although my series are quite different, my approach is always abstract-figurative. After all, my goal is always to catch the present, to grasp it, and for us to recognize ourselves , to realize ourself and the nature of our destiny. I try to depict the real events of the soul. Art is the motion from the spirit and the soul. Our senses grasp something from this motion when defining moments of our lives happen. I explore the emblematic representativeness of these defining moments of existence.
I have had the honour to exhibit my artworks in some of the most prestigious Galleries and Museums of Hungary (e.g. Műcsarnok, KOGART), have received among others KOGART, Barcsay, Pro Urbe awards, and have some of my artwork in collections among others in South-Korea, Luxembourg, Romania, Slovakia and of course Hungary.
Inward Balcony Series (2016 - today) :
My favorite topic for years: the balcony as metaphor, which allows me deal with the archetypal dualities such as: inside - outside, limited – limitless; hidden - open; individual - collective; integrity - exposure, unity – disintegration.
All life begins with the hope of perfect unity of inside and outside, but it’s good if it is realizes for moments. That initial hope for unity is the only fulcrum in my life, but that point has shattered beneath me, it became elusive. During the years I dealt with this metaphor, a narrative has emerged: landmarks have flashed, certain threads have been built, which are then confused, and over time the ‘outside’ terrain has also become a kind of internal, meaning it reflects the interior. Not only were the two poles torn apart, but the identifiable elements of the also became questionable; they collapsed on their own, torn apart.

The Never Passing Past Series (2019 – today) :
Every family has its own saga – and behind the stories and memories there are the photos, which build the identity of the family and its members. Iconic moments become eternal, and trivial moments caught – become iconic and determining.
I had to go back to these photos because I really feel like the past is not gone, I had to look behind its surface and look at the inenarrables. What force radiates from these photographs? Do we carry with us the lives of our ancestors?
I also want to erect a monument to my loved ones.

The copy of happiness Series (2009 – today):
The burning urge to find some kind of energie and unity that I have ever experienced in life and that I would perhaps like to re-experience, led me back to my childhood. My childhood is for me: a sacred time. The purest perception, the era of total experience of wholeness, the paradise era of all kinds of abundance. Ecstasy of the unit.
My interest and orientation towards formulation is often geometric in both my abstract and figurative images. They deal with the rhythmic repetition and enumeration of side or subordinate relations, similar items, repetition, juxtaposition, the power and possibilities of the same and opposite rhythms. I consider it a priority to set up the visual order.


The Hungarian University of Fine Arts


Solo exhibitions: 2019 Támpont nélkül / Supportless, Ari Kupsus Galéria, Budapest / 2018 Egyképes kiállítás, Gdansk Bookstore Café, Budapest / 2017 BalkonIKON, Halköz galéria, Debrecen / 2013 (Többi hiányzik.) Flux galéria, Budapest / 2011 ’Lombok alatt otthon’, Halköz galéria, Debrecen / 2010 ’Varietas delectat II.’, Halmi-Horváth István festőművésszel, Duna Galéria, Budapest / 2008 La Galerie Sofitel, Budapest / 2007 ’Gyűrődések és más’, Ráday galéria, Budapest / ’Játékos elmék, elmés játékok’, Takáts Szilvia és Farkas Zsófia szobrászművészekkel, Inda Galéria, Bp. / 2006 ’Varietas delectat’, Halmi-Horváth István festőművésszel, Saint Galéria, Budapest / 2005 Retorta Galéria, Budapest / 2004 Mucius Galéria, Budapest

Selected group exhibitions:
2021 36. Salgótarjáni Tavaszi Tárlat, Dornyai Béla Múzeum, Salgótarján
2020 Közös metszet, K-Galéria, Budapest
Mamü tréning, Kilroy Art, Csákberény
Art Market, MAMÜ stand
Art Market, Standby projekt kiállítás
67. Vásárhelyi Őszi Tárlat, Tornyai János Múzeum, Hódmezővásárhely
Női vonal, Magyar Festészet Napja, Zikkurat galéria, Bp.
HÁLÓZATOK, Ady 25 Galéria és kiállítótér, Budapest
Standby, Szabadtéri kiállítás a Kodály köröndön, Budapest
Virágszimfónia, Pásti utcai ortodox zsinagóga, Debrecen
Szabadjáték / II. képzőművészeti nemzeti szalon, Műcsarnok
AFTER Art Fair, K Galéria, Budapest
2019 Tizenegy – A Bükki művésztelep kiállítása, MANK Galéria, Szentendre
Utolsó réteg III., Udvarház Galéria, Veresegyház
2007 – 2019 A Tótvázsonyi művésztelep kiállítása, Kahan Art Space, Budapest
Art Market 2019, Mamü stand, Millenáris, Budapest
Iszkaszentgyörgyi művésztelep, Amadé – Bajzáth-Pappeinheim-kastély, Iszkaszentgyörgy
Családbarát Fordulat Európáért, Várkert bazár
Női vonal – Magyar Festészet napja, Zikkurat galéria, Budapest
Értelmezett relációk, Dr. Bernády György Közművelődési Alapítvány Marosvásárhely, Románia
2018 Akvarell Triennálé, Dobó István Vármúzeum, Eger
Pszeudó Random III., Mamü Galéria, Budapest
IV. Óbudai Képzőművészeti tárlat, Nap mint nap, jelen idő Óbudán, Esernyős Galéria, Bp
Értelmezett relációk, Gyergyószárhegy, Románia
Young Art for Peace, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Atelierhaus