Jacques de Oliveira Cezar

Jacques de Oliveira Cezar

Paris, France

About Jacques de Oliveira Cezar

Based in Paris.
My work is highly inspired by the beauty of the anatomy and the classic conception of academic sculpture, with a pinch of trashy pop-culture.


Jacques de Oliveira Cezar studied architecture at l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture Paris la Seine, before studying visual arts and graphic design at l'Ecole Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle and l'Institut Supérieur d'Arts Appliqués


Exhibition at the Sarow Galerie at Pforzheim, Germany 2014/2015
Exhibition at le Théâtre de Vanves in june 2014
Exhibition at Salon d'Arts Plastiques de Vanves in january 2013
Exhibition at Le Palais de Tokyo Paris in november 2012
Exhibition at La Street Galerie Paris in august 2012