gillian palmer

gillian palmer

Auckland, New Zealand

About gillian palmer

Born in Brighton, sussex

I love moving paint around a canvas and I am fascinated by colour. The process continually motivates me.
My inspiration comes from different sources which are symbolised and are often interwoven in the form of pictorial collage .
Primarily my paintings explore, through symbolism,
the mysterious spiritual and emotional evolution of personal reality.
Ideas are provoked through my personal experiences, emotions , from conversations and reading books, I continually revisit my sources of inspiration such as birds in flight and wings which symbolise almost unlimited freedom , movement through other dimensions and levels of consciousness.
Flowers will always inspire me for their beauty, subtlety yet complex simplicity.
Life drawing is a continuous study and enjoyment for me.
It is important for me that the viewer interprets my paintings (if they need interpreting) from his or her own imagination and personal perspective . For me this completes the painting.


Education. Brighton art college (sussex university )
Cert. New Zealand,Advanced photography

My work has been exhibited in galleries throughout New Zealand and in private collections in New Zealand, the UK, U.S.A., Jordan and Lebanon.