Gino Belassen

Gino Belassen

Phoenix, AZ, United States

About Gino Belassen

Gino Belassen (b. 1994, Phoenix) derives his work from an affinity with minimalism + abstraction, echoing a process he refers to as subtle over sound. This idea references the physically intensive layering process involved in his work, while also hinting at his internal desire to simply communicate a message or feeling. Deceptive in their simplicity, his paintings convey depths of meaning through handwritten, oft-cryptic words, and abstract imagery scratched through a drying surface, revealing a glimpse into the chaos that lives inside. They reflect the duality of the human condition, marking moments in his personal life + story that only he can truly comprehend.

His work has been collected across the United States, Europe, the UK, Asia, and Australia.

Director/Owner of BELHAUS Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona.


2016. BFA, Chapman University.
Graphic Design + Advertising.


7 February — 15 March 2020
The After-Afterparty, Cont. Framed Ewe, Los Feliz. Los Angeles, California


6-22 December 2019
Bad Neighborhood. BELHAUS.
Downtown Phoenix, Arizona

6-28 December 2019
Tiny Works. {9} The Gallery, Group Show.
Phoenix, Arizona

13 September — 13 October 2019
The After-Afterparty. Shortcut Gallery, Solo Show.
Phoenix, Arizona

28-31 March 2019
The Other Art Fair. Magic Box.
Downtown Los Angeles

1 March 2019
Scratch. BELHAUS, Group Show.
Downtown Phoenix, Arizona

23-27 January 2019
LA Art Show x Bruce Lurie Gallery.
Los Angeles, California

25-28 October 2018
The Other Art Fair. Barker Hangar.
Santa Monica, California

28 April 2018
Skin + Bone. de Plume Gallery, Group Show.
Hollywood, California

6 April 2018
Suite Six. BELHAUS, Group Show.
Downtown Phoenix, Arizona

15-18 March 2018
The Other Art Fair. The Majestic.
Downtown Los Angeles

5-8 October 2018
The Other Art Fair. Old Truman Brewery.
London, England

4-7 May 2017
The Other Art Fair. The Facility.
Melbourne, Australia

18 May 2016
Mysterio The Show. Guggenheim Gallery, Solo Show.
Orange, California

28 February 2015
Double Vision. Elizabeth Gordon Gallery, Two-Person Show.
Santa Barbara, California