Giovanni Perugini

Giovanni Perugini

ales, gard, France

About Giovanni Perugini

Born in Italy in 1970. My literary studies in Rome, everyday life surrounded in classical art and architecture, my experience in the archaeological museum of Sperlonga, I have been captivated by the greatness of classical art and the power of its mythology. I have learned the principles of sculpture and restoration, recreating an object from its fragments, that marked my life as an artist.

I can't limit my expression to a specific medium or support, but I often use wood, fabric, paper, wax, prints, paint, Plexiglas, resins, metal.
Everyday objects, hardware, photography are my preferred tools in my process to capture and contain fragments of experience.

I transfigure elements of reality into symbols and signifiers, in a sort of restoration and recreation, leading to one of several possible realities.

The appropriation of certain objects, or their creation, are a similar approach of decontextualization, which proposes a reflection on possible different contexts.

Nothing is fortuitous or instinctive, I proceed by synthesis and subtraction, eliminating unnecessary material and ideas, distortions, avoiding known forms and concepts.

Often, my creative process is not linear but fractal, it may lead to many possible and complementary results, including the opposite position from where it started, like a symmetric negative of the initial idea. It brings me to deny and embrace at the same time.

The representation is fractionated, deconstructed and recomposed. Elements are excluded from the different order, leaving empty spaces, a new meaning may now appear.
The representation is an entirely distinct and individual object.

My work is to arrange elements, images and evidence of reality, and attributing to the resulting entity the status of a real and tangible object.


I studied literature and theater at the University of Rome La Sapienza.
Self taught mixed technique visual artist.


March 5 to April 18, Galerie Vidourle Prix, Fra. Personal.

Sept. 6 to 27, Natura, Maison de l'eau, Allegre les Fumades, Fra. Personal.
Jan. 29 to Feb. 26, Natura, Les mots a la Bouche, Paris, Fra. Personal.

Nov. 17 to Dec. 2, A DESSIN4, Chapelle du Quartier Haut, Sete, France. Collective.
June 2 to 30, Jardins Secrets, Galerie la Verriere, Uzes, Fra. Personal.
July 23 to August 19, Under the Skin, A space for Photography, Arles, Fra. Collective.

Flash Opening, Galerie Vidourle Prix, Sauve, Fra. Personal.
Biennale Arts Contemporains, Laudun l'Ardoise, Fra.

L'art de la lumière et des formes, Galerie 15, Alès, Fra. Collective.
Chemins d'Art, Pôle Culturel de Rochebelle, Alès, Fra. Collective.

Gio', Galleria Appio Monti, Terracina, lta. Personal.
Chemins d'Art, Pôle Culturel de Rochebelle, Alès, Fra. Collective.

Empreintes, Galerie Le Petit Temple, Lasalle, Fra. Personal.
Corpo di Donna, Centro Culturale Elsa Morante, Rome, Ita. Collective.

12, Galleria Appio Monti, Terracina, Ita. Collective.
Material lmage, Galleria De la Blanchére, Terracina, Ita. Personal.
Material lmage, Casa del Combattente, Latina, Ita. Personal.

Material lmage, Boutique de l'Olivier, Anduze, Fra. Personal.