Giovanna Cerise

Giovanna Cerise

Benevento, Benevento, Italy

About Giovanna Cerise

Giovanna Cerise's my artistic name, with which I sign my works. I live in Italy, and currently I teach Italian and Latin Literature in a high school. I have joined to my liberal arts studies, the musical studies by studying classical guitar and musical Paleography. So for a long time music has been my main activity.I started with digital art in 2008, working in virtual worlds. My works have been exhibited in major galleries of these worlds, where they were seen by thousands of people. At the same time I worked with physical museums such as the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and at The 7th International Printmaking Biennial of Douro.
I’m designer for “Vida”



Degree in literature and philosophy at the University Federico II of Naples
Degree in classical guitar at the music conservatory in Benevento
Course of the Renaissance musical paleography at Pontifical Institute of Rome


Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milano
7ª Bienal de Gravura do Douro in Portugal
Saudade at Projecto, Nucleo de Desonvilmento Cultural na Republica das artes - Portugal
RED SHOES MIC-Imagin@rium in collaboration with Il Margutta Art Gallery - Rome (Italy)
Polvere di stelle MIC-Imagin@rium in collaboration with Il Margutta Art Gallery - Rome (Italy)
Art Padova
Exibition in greater virtual galleries in SL
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