Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

Milan, Italy

About Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

Born in Italy in 1986, Lo Schiavo currently lives and works in London.
He studied Architecture at La Sapienza University in Rome with a specialization in visual design. The artistic research of Lo Schiavo finds form, as a starting point, in photography and then contaminates other media such as installations and videos.
His passion in the field of evolutionism and biology is fundamental in his most recent artistic production where he analyzes the inseparable bond between man and nature. Lo Schiavo’s photography moves away from the documentary vision of reality to arrive at a careful staging of his personal vision.
Lo Schiavo uses high-resolution digital photographic cameras, photorealistic 3D visualization, and slow-motion video technology to extend the biological capabilities of the human vision giving us new perspectives and possibilities. This creative journey is filled with classical aesthetic references intended as the archaeological and anthropological traces of human which are then presented with a strong contemporary vision. Past-future, reality-fiction, natural-artificial are some of the elements that distinguish a large part of Lo Schiavo’s works.
Lo Schiavo’s works have been exhibited in numerous international exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world, including: Saatchi Gallery in London, Aperture Foundation in New York, Mixer Gallery in Istanbul, Museo Marca di Catanzaro, LACDA in Los Angeles, Abay Opera House in Kazakhstan and other personal and collective exhibitions in Luxembourg, London, Tokyo.
Some of his works have been published on BBC, Inside Art, Exibart, O Estado de S. Paulo Newspaper, La Stampa, Wall Street International, Vice, The Advocate, Art Tribune, Fahrenheit magazine, Fubiz, Istanbul Art News, De Standaard, TG1 , Radio Télévision Suisse 3.
Some of the most important awards Lo Schiavo has won are the following: Life Framer, 2 Gold Medals at the Tokyo Photography TIFA 2016 Awards, European Photography Award 2013, selected for Exposure award 2013, Young at Art 2012, Google + Saatchi GIF 2014, Portrait Salon 2013.


Degree in Architecture at the University of La Sapienza in Rome.


He is currently an Artist in residence at the microbiology lab of UCL University in London where he is developing a new project connecting art and science.


Oct 2020 Transatlantico – Mana Contemporary – Jersey City, NJ
Curator: Edoardo Monti

May 2020 Summer Exhibition – Galleria Spazio Nuovo – Rome, IT
Curator: Paulo Mouriz, Guillaume Matre

Jan 2020 Sezione Video Arte – Museo del presente – Cosenza, IT
Curator: Roberto Sottile

September 2019 Artist in residence at the Microbiology lab of UCL University in London

July 2019 No Captcha Thanks – OffShoot Gallery
London, UK
Curator: Alexander Stavrou

March 2019 Mia Photo Fair – Galleria Spazio Nuovo – Milan, Italy
Curator: Galleria Spazio Nuovo

February 2019 6 Voices - Ingo Seufert Gallery - Munich, Germany
Curator: Ingo Seufert

January 2019 Green Mold - Mixer Gallery - Istanbul, Turkey
Curator: Bengu Gun

September 2018 Genesis - MARCA Museum - Catanzaro, Italy
Curator: Roberto Sottile

March 2018 Levitation - Abay Opera House - Almaty, Kazakhstan
Curator: Dina Baitassova

Jan 2018 - LA Art Show - Bert Green Gallery - Los Angeles Convention Center - Los Angeles
Curator: Phil Tarley

Oct 2017 - National Gallery of Cosenza contemporary collection - Galleria Nazionale di Cosenza - Cs, Italy

June 2017 - Lacda Top 40 - Los Angeles Center for Digital Art - LACDA - Los Angeles
Curator: Rex Bruce

June 2017 - THESAURUS - Galleria Ellebi - Cosenza
Curator: Martina Cavallarin

May 2017 - Life Framer Exhibition - RPS Gallery - Tokyo
Curator: Ralph Wilson

April 2017 - Life Framer Exhibition - ClampArt Gallery - New York
Curator: Ralph Wilson

Oct 2016 - Orasi - Group show - Nazim Hikmet Cultural Center - BURSA
Curator: Serhat Cacekli

Oct 2016 - Wind Sculptures- Solo Show - Burning Giraffe Gallery - TURIN
Curator: Roberto Sottile

Oct 2016 - Fluid Memories - Urban Art Installation - BOLOGNA -
Curator: Roberto Sottile

June 2016 - Wind Sculptures- Solo Show - Ingo Seufert Gallery - MUNICH
Curator: Ingo Seufert

January 2016 - Retrospettiva, Deconstructing Photography - Solo Show - VioLife Accademy and Ingo Seufert Gallery - LUXEMBOURG