Glenn Littlechild

Glenn Littlechild

Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom

About Glenn Littlechild

Glenn Littlechild is an artist who specializes in Abstract Paintings with over 15 years experience creating original pieces of fine art for galleries and clients.

He earned a first class Fine Arts degree from Plymouth College of Art in 2009 and was the winner of the Ben Hartley Prize in 2008 for exceptional fine art achievements.

An extract from a exhibition review;

"Glenn Littlechild’s painting achieves the extremely difficult feat of engaging with the legacy of Abstract Expressionism in a way that manages to be both contemporary and interesting. They refer to ideas about the relation of ancient cultures to alien civilisation, attempting to capture or explain something of the intense, or sublime, experiences the artist cites as the inspiration for the paintings. This hybrid of abstraction and conspiracy theory is original and compelling, and undertaken with absolute sincerity. It manages to be equally about abstraction, the communication of feeling, and popular culture".

Commissions are welcome. Please contact directly. Other paintings and prints are available over at


Plymouth College of Art, Plymouth, GB, BA (Hons)Fine Art Practices, 1.0 (first class degree)


2015 + Faringdon House - Devon.
2014 Plymouth Council House - Devon.
2013 Peacehaven Council - East Sussex.
2013 + Newfield Gallery – Nottinghamshire.
2009 B.E.D - Devon.
2009 Heaven - Devon.
2008 Viewpoint Gallery - Trimes Crimes & The Sublime - Devon.
2007 B.E.D Exhibition X - Devon.