Robert Glick

Robert Glick

San Diego, CA, United States

About Robert Glick

Born in Northern California and now a resident of San Diego, Robert began painting to discover ways in which language could coalesce with visual composition to achieve a higher form of expression.

Encompassing the abstract, conceptual and figurative, much of Robert’s work deals with the changing face of nature and the human condition.

In 2007, Robert began mixing transformational elements such as fire, with more conventional mediums, such as oils, inks and acrylics to create lasting impressions of transient nature.

Given his affinity for transitional mediums, his reverence for all aspects of nature and his desire to celebrate life, in 2010, Robert began merging cremated ashes into memorial art to create posthumous monuments.

In June 2019, Robert's long-anticipated book QUANTUM SENSE - How to ally with Change, Growth, and Creativity was published. See:

Robert’s work has been shown in the Oceanside Museum of Art and through selected solo and group exhibitions and art events in New York City, Houston and other locations. He now divides his studio time between conventional and memorial commissions, and writing about practical ways to employ creativity to improve life.


Santa Clara University