Alexandra Golobokova

Alexandra Golobokova

Velikiy Novgorod

About Alexandra Golobokova

I care about in this world, events, people, politics and philosophy, I do wonder how this world is constructed, I am not indifferent to the manifestations of life and all the deep passes through itself, sometimes it is painful, but not without humor sometimes share their work, I draw at the subconscious level, all the pops in my head in the form of images and sensations, flashes of bright pictures. Particularly frequent images come in a dream. Sometimes I wonder myself a hand as if she draws. In multiple parts and weave, and I bring a certain nervousness of the world and at the same time the unity, the relationship of absolutely everything, with the help of invisible matter. I also invest a certain message in the work, his Message in a kind of symbolic coding, this may be an inner experience of life, or a particular slogan, a call, and sometimes just a feeling. My creativity is a profound sublimation my feelings with reality.


Novgorod State University