Gregory Malphurs

Gregory Malphurs

NYC, NY, United States

About Gregory Malphurs

Haunting and emotional, my work explores our spirituality striving to understand the subconscious. Seeking to expose the inner self by revealing all the things we try to hide away, I’m creating inside-out portraiture. Less concerned with depicting physical likeness, my work shines a spotlight on psyche seen through a lens of distortion and fragmentation. My subjects are mirrors in which we see reflected all that is inside us.

My aim is to create work that sticks - not only capturing viewer’s attention, but refusing to let go. Work that makes an indelible mark on my audience, resurfacing again and again in their memory.

Heavy impasto, saturated colors & expert mark making - my mind is letting my hand make decisions by drawing and drawing til the right thing happens.

I am particularly interested in how the medium of oil pastels react to the paper through heavy layering, smearing and mark making. Then how these react and cooperate with each other, both through colors blending and play of lines.

I live and work in NYC.


L'Ecole Royale de Hard Knocks