Gregory Prescott

Gregory Prescott

Los Angeles, CA, United States

About Gregory Prescott

Los Angeles based fine art and editorial photographer who just recently moved from NYC. I use my camera like a paintbrush, to create beautiful images of the male and female form. With inspiration from Herb Ritts and Andreas Bitesnich, my mission is to diversify the cultural spectrum in fine art photography, with classic and timeless pieces. I am an emerging, self-taught photographer residing in Brooklyn, NY., whom has just spent 10 years in Los Angeles, CA., and the majority of my life in Houston, TX. My work consists of an array of photographs of portraits and nudes. I find it interesting to create art using live figures. With my work, I allow everyone to see the true and outstanding beauty of a womans curves, the fullness of her lips, the textures of her hair and the grace in the extensions of her arms. I also display the broadness in the mans back, the signs of struggle in his shoulders and the determination in his eyes. In my photographs, one may witness the essence, sensuality, strong structure and power of the body with the use of passion but without the use of excessive sexuality. I hope that with my photographs, people should be able to further extend their appreciation of the body and see that all people are sensual creatures; sensual creatures with a vast array of skin tones. My photographs have successfully embraced both the inner and outer beauty of men and women. GOD is the true artist. I am the channel.


Self taught


Barnes-Blackmen: The Artists’ Collection, Houston TX. - 1995
Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Houston TX - 1996
The Artists’ Showcase, Houston, TX - 1998
Midtown Art Gallery, Houston TX – 1998
The LeFlorence Gallery, Los Angeles, CA – 2005
NoHo Arts Gallery, North Hollywood, CA - 2005
Carlotta’s Passion, Eagle Rock, CA – 2006
Artistbound Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. – 2006
Cactus Gallery, Eagle Rock, CA. – 2007
The Whole 9, Culver City, CA – 2009
Lana Santorelli Gallery, NY, NY – 2010 - Billboard exhibit – Sarasota, FL. – 2010
Leslie Lohman Gallery, NY, NY – 2010
The Pudding Factory, Hoboken, NJ – 2011
NoHo Arts Gallery, North Hollywood, CA - 2012
Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn NY - 2015
The A Gallery, Los Angeles, CA - 2019
photo-Schweiz, Zurich Switzerland - 2020

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