Ivan Grlic

Ivan Grlic

About Ivan Grlic

Freelance professional photographer and video artist born in Belgrade, October 9th, 1977.
Education: Faculty of applied art and design, department of applied graphic 1999-2002. Graphic high school, Belgrade 1992-1995. Professional photographer since 1998. He is a member of several artistic associations: ULUPUDS section for photography, Photo association of Serbia since 2001, Association of professional photographers since 2001, Founder of studio and art workroom “Grlic” 2000. Founder and chairman of association “Srpska duša- Serbian Soul, bre.” He is the author of many photo-art series, projects and two monograph books, such as 'Flash For Fantasy' and 'Serbian BRE!'...Since 2000 he had a huge number of solo exhibitions in galleries all around Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, France, Belgium, Austria...His experience as a professional photographer so far covers work in almost all domains of applied art and art photography: advertising, still life, fashion, dedicated art, portraits, theater, erotic, landscape...He was official photographer of many theater and film festivals (such as BITEF and FEST)...He had a cooperation with many marketing agencies and companies, as well as cooperation on visual identity, album covers and promo photographs for many significant musicians, bands and singers.


Faculty of Applied art and design, department of applied graphic Belgrade


2015. BGD. My view 2015. - Jugoexport galerija, Belgrade
2015. DOORS Gallery PROGRES Beograd
2014. Serbian Jazz BRE! KDC Budapest Hungary
2014.Serbian Jazz BRE! Herceg Novi, Montenegro
2014. DOORS-Portali Kulturni centar Bol Brač Croatia
2013. BGD my view phase II ART MARKET House Kralja Petra Belgrade
2013. Serbian Jazz BRE!- Centar za Savremenu umjetnosti I KIC Budo Tomović Podgorica, Montenegro
2012.Serbian Soul,BRE!- Kaiser saal klavier gallerie Viena Austria
2012.Serbian Jazz BRE!- Dom omladine Beograd, Savremena galerija Niš, Kc Inđija, Kc Novi Sad, KC Zrenjenin, KC Valjevo, KC Zvečan, Galerija Kapor Drvengrad Mokra Gora
2012.BGD. My view- Wine & Art gallery "U Podromu", Belgrade
2011. Intro-Extra - ART MARKET Kuća Kralja Petra Belgrade
2011.Serbian Soul,BRE!- UK Parobrod Beograd, Kc Novi Sad, KC Zrenjenin, Kc Indjija,Savremena galerija Niš,KC Čačak,
2007. Flesh for fantasy phase II- gallery SuperSpace, Belgrade
2006. Serbian, BRE! Club B, Bruxelles Belgium
2006. Serbian, BRE! Bitef teatar, Belgrade
2005. Serbian, BRE! Club Cab, Paris, France
2003. “No name”- Bitef art café, Belgrade
2003. “Fresh & Cruel” - cafe “Journal”, Belgrade
2002. “Flesh for fantasy” - klub “Sova” Belgrade
2002. “Flesh for fantasy” - Brunsweek resort, Bečići, Montennegro
2000.“Panta Rhei” - klub “Underground”, Belgrade
2001. “Look in my eyes” - kafe “Roma”, Belgrade