Gulyás Edina

Gulyás Edina

viddalba, Hungary, Italy

About Gulyás Edina

I haven’t always been an artist. I studied Agricultural Engineering and Phytosanitary in University of Corvinus in Budapest and pursued a successful career as a plant buyer for nearly 10 years. As an employee of the Haeberli Obst und Beeren Swiss company, I worked on the DNA based breeding of strawberries. I was a member of the first Hungarian Phalaenopsis in vitro Laboratory Team traveling for business all over Europe. Then, the opportunity to make a lifestyle change found me. Although I had always dreamed of becoming a painter, I never had the courage to give up a successful and lucrative career. When I met my husband and moved to Italy, I was trying to find a job in my field, but after meeting my husband’s sister, who was already an accomplished artist, I began to paint in her studio. To cover my expenses I sold small cityscape collage paintings for local tourists. It was a good practice, but I was also aware that to become a trained artist, I needed to learn a lot more. After about 2 years I finally decided to commit to becoming a full-time artist. I learned and practiced tirelessly, and began to sculpt my career as an artist. I attended several courses to learn painting techniques, acquire skills, and refine a unique personal style. I am fascinated by surrealism and pop art. I also find semi-abstract paintings inspiring. And, lately, I became very interested in retroperspective art. I build on these genres and influences within my own practice to create an original and innovative style. My paintings focus on contemporary topics investigating both positive and negative aspects of our times. Despite having debuted recently, I have been invited to participate in prominent art events in Italy and abroad that include contemporary art fares in Genova, Milano, Florence, Bologna, Torino, and Sardinia (Italy), group exhibits in Hereford (United Kingdom), Houston and Washington DC (United States). I sell my paintings online and I am humbled by the enthusiasm and interest in my work from art collectors worldwide. My paintings are part of public collections at the Royal Office Romana and the Museo Casteldoria, Castelsardo, Italy.


Corvinus University of Budapest



Indiewalls OPEN CALL finalist, curated by Ben Stanley - Projekt SOLE MIA (Florida)
Indiewalls OPEN CALL finalist, curated by Ben Stanley - Projekt Tunberry Isle Resort (Florida)
Rise Art Prize 2018, curated by Rebbeca Gordon, shortlisted
Barnstrom at Bluestone, finalist
My painting has accepted to the Barnstorm at Bluestone exhibition – the first in a series of pop-up exhibitions activating rural spaces in unexpected ways with art, music and creative installations., Washington USA
I have been selected for Group show - Florence Italy
Galleria Gadarte
31 march- 17 april 2017,
"Linfa Nuova"
OPEN CALL - EWAAC London, finalist
My work has been selected for Design Show, Houston
DASH 22-24 april, 2016
2000 Edwards Street . Houston, Texas
My work has been selected for Design Show, Houston
DASH 1-3 May, 2015
2000 Edwards Street . Houston, Texas
OPEN CALL - Color City, Kazinczbarcika - murales, shortlisted



Linfa Nuova”
Rassegna di Pittura, Scultura e Fotografia
Galleria Gadarte Florance, Italy
Dal 31 Marzo al 13 Aprile 2017

Barnstorm at Bluestone exhibition, Washington USA
First Friday, April 7, 2017


Selected for DISH,Houston USA
Group show,Valledoria, Italy,- curated by ValledoriaArte
Rise Art,selected artis
Indiewalls,selected artist


Group Show Museo Isola rossa, Sardegna Italy
Group Show Hereford, UK - curated by New Blood Art
Group show Houston, USA -curated by Artemisia


Solo show ValledoriArte "Vintage World", curated by Angela Spano- Sardegna, Italy
European Art Houston, USA - curated by Artemisia
Luni Santi Castelsardo, Museo Casteldoria - Italy
Group show Hair & Art Gallery di Fois,Nuoro Italy
New Blood Art, selected artist, London


Museo Archeologico di Viddalba solo show - Sardegna, Italy
Castello dei Doria, Castelsardo solo show - "Murales sardi" - Sardegna, Italy
Galleria Valledoriaarte, Valledoria - Sardegna, Italy
Hotel Marinedda solo show, Isola rossa - Sardegna, Italy
Group show Arte Fiera Genova - curatore: Accorsiarte, Italy
Group show La corte di Felsina "Maschere e Vita" - Bologna, Italy