Guy Blockx

Guy Blockx

Retie, Antwerp, Belgium

About Guy Blockx

Abstract painter Guy Blockx manages to translate his background as a graphic designer into minimalistic, geometric paintings that explore the interplay of form, color, space and texture.
As in his graphic designs, Guy starts his creative process by making small sketches which can be inspired by everything from music to design to literature.
These sketches are rendered into digital images in which meticulously calculated grid systems are used to position all elements.
The digital images then serve as blueprints for the paintings.
By combining different techniques and materials, adding, cutting and deleting forms, the geometrical fields create contrasts that manipulate the focus on the canvas.
All this results in an interesting search and experience for the viewer that fluctuates between accepting the harmony in the works as well as admiration for the small but essential nuances.


St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp, graphic design