Philippe Halaburda

Philippe Halaburda

Brooklyn, NY, United States

About Philippe Halaburda

About the geographic abstraction:

As artist, I tend to redefine the causes of my emotions, my thoughts, my feelings through imaginary maps for showing and sharing the human mental architecture.

My abstract paintings conjure ambiguous, implausible and chaotic urban landscapes or landscapes.

My own pictural & textual language come to interior and exterior, orientation, respective positions of the objects and human nature in space, of self and otherness. I have created the expression of art topography, a way to design new alphabet, to develop a full-fledged language with a unique writing, original and lively to translate and read our emotionnal maps.

My colorful shapes are unexpected, strong, and playful, and in making them he relies on techniques of improvisation and free movement. It is a way to view and fix my thoughts flow using lines, shapes, signs and codes. One can also think of imaginary landscapes that illustrate this and are freed of physical laws: gravitation, levitation, balances, trajectories, order. The compositions are fragmented, tectonic, in fragile balance, with bright colors such as those used for geological surveys and the establishment of maps.

I am still a human being that takes you into my art world: "The Linalainen artspheer" or how to visualize our world through art creations.


First personnal exhibition / 1996 / Paris / France
Academy of Graphic design and visual Arts / EDTA SORNAS / 1995 / Paris / France
Bachelor Literary A1 / 1993 / Coulommiers / France


Selected Solo Exhbitions

2016 TheLionHeart gallery, Pound Ridge, NY, USA (Upcoming)
2015 Studio N2, Aix-en-Provence, France
2015 Seiki Leyen, Marseille, France
2013 Peyton Wright gallery, Santa Fe, NM, USA
2012 Le Formal, Aix-en-Provence, France
2012 EAG gallery, Bruxelles, Belgium
2011 Château La Verrerie, Lauris, France
2011 Cultural centre, Les Taillades, France
2010 Villa Baulieu art space, Rognes, France
2010 Détours librairy-gallery, Nailloux, France
2010 Cultural centre, Istres, France
2009 Centre des Entrepreneur, Geneva, Switzerland
2009 Torcy cityhall, Torcy, France
2009 Guimick art space, Marseille, France
2009 Swiss Medias Centre SSR, Bern, Switzerland
2008 Vinéa Café Bercy-village / Paris / France
2008 Art & Wineyard Mayard, Châteauneuf du Pape, France
2007 L’espace concept-store, Aix-en-Provence, France
2007 Le Bistro des Arts, Avignon, France
2007 La Fabrique, Marseille, France
2006 L’Opéra, Aix-en-Provence, France
2006 Le zinc d’Hugo, Aix-en-Provence, France
2006 Martinez Hotel, Cannes, France
2005 Sofia-Antipolis Centre, ABS Company, Cannes, France
2000 Grimaldi Forum, Monaco, France
1999 Nyons cityhall, Nyons, France
1999 Dame-tartine, Paris, France
1999 Kabaret, Zurich, Switzerland
1998 Swisscom International, Bern, Switzerland
1998 Lorraine, Bern, Switzerland
1998 Café Lolo, Berlin, Germany
1998 Atelier Z’ art gallery, Zurich, Switzerland
1998 Abar’t gallery, Zurich, Switzerland
1997 Les 3 amis, Bern, Switzerland
1997 Gur Fashion store, Berne, Switzerland
1997 Stockwerk, Bern, Switzerland
1997 L’ univers gallery, Freibourg, Switzerland
1997 Meaux cityhall, Meaux, France
1997 Chuchi am Wasser gallery, Zurich, Switzerland
1997 Dynamo cultural centre, Zurich, Switzerland
1997 Technopark Business centre, Zurich, Switzerland
1996 Swisscom International, Bern, Switzerland
1996 Les Ferrailleurs, Paris, France

Selected Collective Exhbitions

2016 Art Mora NJ, Ridgefield Park, NJ, USA
2016 Art Expo New York 2016, NY, USA
2016 Art Mora gallery, New York, NY, USA
2015 X Contemporay art fair, Miami, FL, USA
2015 Art Mora gallery, New York, NY, USA
2015 Lion Heart gallery, Pound Ridge, NY, USA
2015 912 Arty gallery, Lourmarin, France
2015 Friday gallery, New York, NY, USA
2014 La Nuit de la Belle Etoile, Grand Palais, Paris, France
2014 Fux & Friends Orangerie, Salzbourg, Austria
2013 Le Radar, Bayeux, France
2012 Honor guest of the Casseneuil art fair, Casseneuil, France
2010 Art gallery A7, Auvillar, France
2010 Tourism Office Sarlat art space, France
2010 Tourism Office Pesmes art space, France
2010 Tourism Office Gassin art space, France
2010 Espace Dialogos art fair, Cachan, France
2010 Valmy art fair, Argelès sur mer, France
2009 SMART art fair, Aix-en-Provence, France
2009 SIAC art fair, Marseille, France
2009 Colors of life, Bailly, France
2009 Les papillons de Carpentras art fair, France
2009 L'été contemporain Dracénois art fair, Draguignan, France
2009 Grenad’art art fair, Grenade-sur-Garonne, France
2009 Toques & Clochers, Malras, France
2009 Adais art fair, Senlis, France
2008 Trackerdarts gallery, Toulouse, France
2008 Les Peintres méridionaux art fair, Toulouse, France
2008 1st Agora Art fair , Eyguières, France
2007 L’art s’invite à Magrie art fair, France
2006 Du Château gallery, Pau, France
2006 Warehouse design art fair, Strasbourg, France
2006 Open doors artists workshops in Alsace, Strasbourg, France
2006 Azais gallery, Montpellier, France
2005 La côte rouge gallery, Caen, France
2002 Artonef gallery, Aix-en-Provence France
1998 Assemblée Nationale, Paris, France
1998 Fortunarto gallery, Zurich, Switzerland


Artistic residencies (2015)

NARS Foundation / Spring 2015 / New York / NY, USA
Rivoli 59 / Fall 2015 / Paris / France