Spencer Harris

Spencer Harris

Brooklyn, NY, United States

About Spencer Harris

I am a painter and collage based artist from San Antonio, Texas currently living and working in New York, NY. My works are about symbolic language and engrained memories. A feeling of loss in certain aspects of my childhood, alongside the awareness of my family’s hereditarily high chances for memory loss, led me to analyze the difference between what remains and what has been lost with time. The imagery is rooted in my experience growing up in the south, boyhood and coming of age, pop culture and family influences. Through a process of associative memory recollection I recreate imagery that references both nostalgic and unsettling times on flat and bare surfaces. Calling on personal storytelling, cultural icons, and corporate marketing tools from TV and internet culture I apply iconography onto the surfaces making use of methods varying from photorealist painting to found material collage and stencils.


2016 -
BFA - Studio Art, Texas State University
2020 -
MFA - Painting, Pratt Institute


Group Exhibitions
I Know You Would Never Laugh at Me, Baby Blue Gallery, Chicago, IL
Artspace.com Online Exhibition, Curated by Loney Abrams
Kunst Program, Carlsberg Byens Gallery, Copenhagen, DK
Half-Life, Dekalb Gallery, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
Queer Autonomy, 630 Flushing, Brooklyn, NY
Short for Magazine, Corporate Studio-Blue Star, San Antonio, TX
Homelife, Inman Gallery, Houston, TX

Grand Opening, Dahlia Woods Gallery, San Marcos, TX
 Quaff, Dahlia Woods Gallery, San Marcos, TX
Lime Green Oranges, Texas State University Gallery, San Marcos, TX

New American Paintings, No. 147, MFA Annual Issue

Curatorial Experience
de(re)construction, Dekalb Gallery, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
MFA (Mostly Fine Adults), 630 Flushing, Brooklyn, NY