Frances Micklem

Frances Micklem

Kilkenny, Leinster, Ireland

About Frances Micklem

Winner of The Credit Union Art Competition 2019. Originally studied Sacred Geometry and Art Therapy. Commissions and sales around Ireland, England, Catalonia and Italy. My work is inspired by nature and intends to evoke respect for the myriad soul connections between people. Work takes place in a bio-architecture studio, each room utilizing the golden proportion; the 1.618 between its rooms and in the shape of its rooms - the vesica pices, the golden spiral and the squaring of the circle. With a background in physics, energy and healing, each piece of art is intended to heal the heart, due to its source, colour, vitality and proportion.

My studio has been a blueprint for identifying and healing other people and their homes of geopathic stress and health problems - via distance healing. I have cleared homes of negativity as far away as USA, Canada and Russia.
As an artist and activist, when I am not painting and raising the vitality of an environment with my work, I am an advocate to improve the treatment of people, places and animals. I have just completed my first exhibition of very subtle erotic art.


A child prodigy in painting, ceramics and music. Philosophy, Geometry and Logic at Queens University Belfast, 1st Class Honours. Royal Victoria Gold medallist. Equestrian Physiology, Organic Horticulture, Creative Writing and Divining.


Art Retreats at Harmony Hall BIoarchitecture Retreat, Kilkenny Ireland.


Private Collectors Gallery, Innishannon, Cork. 2013/14
Stonehouse Gallery, Kilkenny Arts Week 2012/13/14/15
Truffle Fairy Gallery, Thomastown 2015
Beacon Hospital Gallery, Dublin 2011/12/13
Kilkenny, Graignamanagh, Castlecomer Libraries for Healthy Ireland 2018
Carlow Main Library 2019