Hisahiro Fukasawa

Hisahiro Fukasawa

Kawasaki city, Kanagawa, Japan

About Hisahiro Fukasawa

Things that have lasted hundreds of years have a certain majesty to them. I feel that the stately beauty borne from weathering time and tide is something that "novelty" cannot mimic.
I studied graphic design, which was how I got to learn about different types of art. I started painting after becoming influenced by painters from the Muromachi Period to the Edo Period (1336 - 1868). I remember vividly being lost in the spatial composition and spectacular world of flowers and birds that they created in their art. Now, I would like to update that world of flowers and birds, and create a new world that retains the essence of Japaneseness, yet is light enough to blend in with modern spaces.
I have blended classical beauty from before the Edo Period with the lightness of modern graphic visuals to form a new kind of harmony.


Osaka University of Arts, OSAKA, JAPAN 1999
Kuwasawa Design School, TOKYO, JAPAN 2001


Solo Exhibition:

2007: HAYATO New York Aoyama, Tokyo

2008: ARTIFEX Gallery at Ebisu Mitsukoshi, Tokyo

2010: The Art complex Center of Tokyo
2018: Art Gallery Kitano, Kyoto
2019: Exa ART, Osaka
2019: Gallery Daimon, Kyoto

Group Exhibition:

2010: The Art complex Center of Tokyo

2011: The Art complex Center of Tokyo
2013: The Art complex Center of Tokyo
2018: Maruyama Banka Museum “Shinbism Exhibition”, Nagano

Art Fair:

2009: International Artexpo NewYork 2009

2013: Art Show Busan 2013, Korea
2014: Art Show Busan 2014, Korea
2014: ART SANTA FE 2014, USA
2015: Art Busan 2015, Korea