Sharon Yamamoto

Sharon Yamamoto

Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

About Sharon Yamamoto

Born: 1948, Chicago, Illinois,Sharon Yamamoto, residing in Henley-on-Thames, was born on April Fools Day, in Chicago, Illinois, sansei (third generation Japanese-American). From the age of twelve, she attended the Art Institute of Chicago for four years. Later she studied under an art scholarship at Illinois Wesleyan University, graduating Summa Cum Laude, Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1969. She continued her art studies in London at Heatherleys School and also studied philosophy at the College of Psychic Studies for sixteen years. In 2001 she attained a Masters Certificate for Christian history and metaphysics from the Universal Truth Centre in Miami, Florida. Sharon has taught art at Queens College, London and at the Winston Academy, Miami. Sharon Yamamoto has participated in group exhibitions in East London Open Studio Shows (1986-1995), A.D. Fine Art, Barbican Centre and the Blackheath Gallery, London. Solo exhibitions in the UK include the Black Bull Gallery, London; Alba Gallery, Kew; Atlantis Gallery, London; the Ice House Gallery, London. Florida exhibitions include Ryals Gallery, Boca Raton; Brickell Square Gallery, Miami; Wallflower Gallery, Miami; Gallery Vincent, Miami. She opened her own gallery in Miami Beach in 2001. That year she was awarded the Best in Show prize at Art Fest, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Sharon was the first prize winner at the 2004 DeMontfort New Artist Competition. She is represented in the USA by the Baxter Galleries.More Information is available on her website 'Being an artist is a blessing and the most the natural thing for me to be. From early childhood I have loved looking at and making pictures. Childrens books and films taught me about pictorial communication before I was classically trained in art. I appreciate and thoroughly enjoy my visual and verbal imagination and am always surprised at what appears on the canvas.' Sharon Yamamoto exhibits regularly in London and Miami and sells her work internationally through her website and other online sites.


Art Institute of Chicago Junior School
Illinois Wesleyan University
College of Psychic Studies, London
Heatherley's School of Art, London
Universal Truth Centre, Miami