Istvan Hollo

Istvan Hollo

Budapest, Hungary, Hungary

About Istvan Hollo

On a given expressionist-visual starting surface, I combine human bodies with the simplified staining of elemental shapes, combining them with icons, icons of everyday life, geometric elements, shapes, and color fields, all of which have an abstract effect.


1992-98 ELTE Faculty of Humanities, Department of Cultural Anthropology
1988-91 Technical University of Budapest, Faculty of Civil Engineering



2018 Ezüstgerely 2018, Sports Museum, Budapest / II. Hatvan Small Graphic Exhibition 2017 Individual exhibition (Women, Men and other things), Magyar Mûhely Gallery, Budapest / Feedback effect, MAMÜ Gallery, Budapest / Salgótarjáni Spring Exhibition, Béla Dornyay Museum, Salgótarján / Individual Exhibition (Signs), Mácsai Gallery, AJAMK, Thinking Spaces, RAM, Budapest / Private Budapest, H-15 Gallery, Budapest 2016 / National Drawing Room, Dornyay Béla Museum, Salgótarján / XXII. National Landscape Biennale, Hatvani Gallery, Hatvan / Live Hungarian Painting, St. Adalbert Center, Esztergom / Hungarian Painting Day, Újlipótvárosi Club Gallery, Budapest / 100 years old Dadaism, Lajos Vajda Studio, Szentendre / "Roman P'Art 14" exhibition, Budapest Galéria, Budapest/ Individual Exhibition, Volvo Gallery, Budapest 2015 Territory, Latarka Gallery, Budapest / XX: National Portrait Biennial, Hatvani Gallery, Hatvan / Individual Exhibition, Volvo Gallery, Budapest / Római P'Art 14, Budapest Gallery, Budapest / Anzix Kisvárosi, Imre Gaál Gallery, Budapest / 9th International Grotesque Triennial, Vaszary Gallery, Kaposvar / Bicyclic Art, Contemporary Gallery, Tatabánya 2014 Signal -Message, Mazart Gallery, Budapest / 20 years old, Újlipótvárosi Club Gallery, XXI Hungarian Landscape, National Landscape Biennale, Hatvani Gallery, Exhibition of Hatvan / Thoughts, Ferenc Kubinyi Museum, Szécsény / Fresh Message 2., Újpest Gallery, Budapest / Think about it c. exhibition, Jankovich Mansion, Rácalmás / Gondold.át c. exhibition, Kálmán Imre Cultural Center, Siófok / gondola c. Exhibition, Symbol Art Gallery, Budapest / Inside - box exhibition, Viziváros Gallery, Budapest / PICTURE - HOUSE, Szombathely Gallery / KECSKEMÉT ARCAI III, Kecskemét Cultural and Conference Center, Kecskemét / R-EMARQUE - V. Nemzetközi Spanyolnátha Külügyi Mûvészeti Biennale , Ottó Herman Museum, Miskolc 2013 XIX. Faces and Fates National Portrait Biennale / Reformation and Tolerance, Temporary Exhibition, Evangelical National Museum, Budapest / 32th Salgótarján Spring Exhibition / Budapest Art Expo, Art Gallery, Szentendre / XVII. Hungarian Landscapes National Landscape Biennale Selection, Németvölgy Elementary School, Budapest 2012. XVII. Hungarian Landscapes National Landscape Biennial / 59th Autumn Exhibition in Vásárhely, Alföld Gallery, Hódmezõvásárhely / Emese Bács / István Holló, Hatvani Gallery, Hatvan / XIV. Biennial of Table Paintings, REÖK, Szeged 2011. Faces and Fates, XVIII. National Portrait Biennale, Hatvani Gallery, Hatvan / National Contemporary Church Art Exhibition, Hatvani Gallery, Hatvan / Individual Exhibition, Újlipótváros Club Gallery, Budapest May. XXXI. Exhibition of the Salgótarjáni Spring Exhibition, József Attila Cultural Center, Salgótarján / István Holló painting, Source Culture House, Kerepes 2010. Christmas Fine Arts Fair, OTP Gallery, Budapest / Contemporary Fine Arts Auction, Art Gallery, Budapest / 57th Fair Art Fair of Vásárhely, Hódmezõvásárhely / Újbuda Picture Frame, Újbuda Gallery, Budapest / Powera, contemporary art exhibition and fair, FKSE, Szentendre