Honoria Starbuck

Honoria Starbuck

Austin, TX, United States

About Honoria Starbuck

Honoria Starbuck (Miami, Florida) grew up on Key Biscayne, an island off the coast of Miami. She studied art and art history at the University of Texas and holds an interdisciplinary PhD in Fine Arts, Communications, and Education. Honoria is influenced by art history stretching back to the caves. The zen chicken series is specifically influenced by contemporary calligraphic artists and the asemic writing movement. Zen chickens also stem from the abstraction of Inkebana, the flowing flowers of Emile Nolde, the frottage of Max Ernst, the eye of Man Ray and Dada, the diffusion of ink by George Grosz, as well as current events. In addition Honoria’s artwork is a form of moving meditation closely related to her 12 year practice of tai chi. Honoria has decades of diverse experiences as a Mail Artist in the international Correspondence Art Network through which her work has been exhibited in over 300 exhibitions including twice in the Venice Biennale. Honoria has also worked in Internet art creating the first Internet opera (1995) which was recognized by the Global Bangemann Challenge for innovation excellence. Honoria’s theme is flow. Flow connects the molecules of pigment into patterns on the paper and intellectual themes flow from one individual artwork into the next. The zen chicken theme has a strong current of humor and flexibility as the dilettante rooster roams through a wide range of entanglements from Japanese flower arranging to modern art. Honoria is a professor of Design Foundations at the Art Institute of Austin.

Visit my studio at https://www.facebook.com/honoria.starbuck/videos/10156510911471352/


Ph.D. Interdisciplinary in Art, Education, and RTF (Radio, TV, Film) in the Advanced Communication Technologies Lab (ACTLab) at The University of Texas at Austin

Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from The University of Texas at Austin.

Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from The University of Texas at Austin.


- Live Art Blogging SXSW edu and SXSW Interactive 2019, Austin, TX. Drawing performance on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

- Abstracted Essences from the SXSW Conferences 2018, Austin, TX.

- Live Art Blogging SXSW edu and SXSW Interactive 2017, Austin, TX

- Live Art Blogging - SXSWedu and SXSW Interactive 2016, Austin, TX

- New Year New Color - Educational event at Spellerberg Projects, 2016


Zen Chickens 2018 - Spellerberg Projects
Flanuese 2016 - Spellerberg Projects is proud to present Flaneuse, a dynamic installation of small-format paintings by American artist Honoria Starbuck.
The works in the Flaneuse exhibition are the product of the artist as flaneuse, maneuvering through contemporary life and art history. Starbuck’s inspiration flows from the earliest of mark-making gestures, prehistoric cave painting, through art history to present day practices such as digital painting via tablet computers. The paintings explore color, shape and the interaction of materials, with subjects ranging from observed nature, abstract forms and fashion.

- Art and Accessories: Solo artist installation at Big Bertha's Paradise, Austin, TX, USA May-June 2016
- Flaneuse: Honoria Starbuck, solo artist installation at Spellerberg Projects, Lockhart, TX, USA January – March, 2016
- Le Voyage/Travel artpostal-voyage.blogspot.com, France
- School of Colors Heinz Nixdorf Museums, Paderborn, Germany
- Fill this Pod organized by Jason Brown, Tennessee, USA

- Fish, organized by Moan Lisa, Iowa, USA
- World AIDS Day, curated by R. Burgess, Richmond, Virginia, USA
- Les Annees Folles, organized by Marthe Poussin, Nice, France
- Squirrel Museum, Cocoa Beach, Florida
- The Black Hole, Cabana dos Parodiantes, Salvaterra de Magos, Protugal
- Je suis Tibet, organized by Ruggero Maggi for Venice Biennale, Tibet Pavilion, Venice, Italy
- Gallery da Vinci, Masks, organized by the Print Ink Group, Porto, Portugal
- Museo Dotti, curated by Ruggero Maggi, Milan, Italy
- Ryosuke Cohen, Japan in ongoing Brain Cell project.
- Mushrooms, organized by Dystatic, Edmonton, Canada
- Passing the Flame, A Celebration of Mail Art, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada
- "The Archaeology and Vesuvius" Art Director Domenico Severino, International project of mail art City of Pompeii First Edition, City of Pompeii, Italy
- Bockbeutel, organized by Roland Halbritter, Hammelburg, Germany
- Masks, organized by Chrystobal Adriaan, Schoten, Belgium
- Project “RESIST”, organized by Maria Chorianopoulou, Athens, Greece
- Your Sonic Views, organized by Eberhard Janke, Berlin, Germany
- The Red Show, Conneaut Lake, PA, USA
- Contrasts, organized by Willemien Visser, Oldenburg, Germany
- Water Cycle, organized by Nazire Öztunali, Sapanca, Sakara, Turkey
- Networked Disruption, curated by Vittore Baroni, Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia


- Symbols communicate messages in connection with the myriad relationships of faith. Taberna la Misa, Madrid, Spain
- Ryosuke Cohen, Japan in ongoing Brain Cell project.
- Circle curated by Edna Toffoli, Uberaba, Brasil
- The Tree, Gradignan, France
- Parallels curated by Alexander Limarev, Novosibirsk, Russia
- The NYC Cavellini Mail Art Show, curated by Mark Bloch, exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY
- White Shadows, curated by Eberhard Janke, Berlin, Germany
- Turquoise, curated by Monika Mori, Maria Enzersdorf, AUSTRIA

- Love, curated by Claudio Grandinetti, Cosenza, Italy
- Freedom, organized by Pascal Minart. Ouistreham, France
- Ryosuke Cohen, Japan in ongoing Brain Cell project.
- Visual Poetry, curated by Rosa Gravino, Cañada de Gómez, Argentina
- Rainbow, curated by Mailarta, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

- Grau, organized by Elke Grundmann in Berlin, Germany
- Sand Mail Art organized by the Bolderaja Group, Latvia
- Less Mail Art- organized by Nula Horo in Kassel, Germany
- Self portrait organized by Mariagrazia Benvenuti in Rome.
- Homeless, Mail Art show, Istanbul
- Blue Moon Romania organized by Ana Spinu
- Oracle organized by Patricia Gayone in Buenos Aires
- Grafismos del Bajo in Argentina
- Self-Portrait exhibition in Bordeaux, France
- Brain Cell, Ryosuke Cohen, Japan in ongoing Brain Cell project.

Starbuck’s 15-year blog at honoriartist.livejournal.com.