Iryna Vorona

Iryna Vorona

Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine

About Iryna Vorona

Was born 1987 in Kyiv, Ukraine, where she lives and works today.
Member of the National Union of Ukraine Artists.


2018 - Postgraduate at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture(NAFAA) Kyiv, Ukraine.
2012 - 2018 - Graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Kyiv. Master degree
2017 - Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts. Erasmus + program. Zagreb, Croatia.


- Diploma of International academy of the rating technologies and sociology "Golden Fortune"
- Kyiv head of administration art prize for special record of achievements in development of the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv, among young people.
- Ukraine President grant for emerging artists in fine arts.
- Finalist of lV Ukrainian contemporary visual art competition named after N.Altman, Gallery XXl, Ukraine
- Member of National Union of Ukrainian Artists.
- Finalists of A. Kryvolap Art Prize, Cultprostir, Ukraine.
- Diploma of International academy of the rating technologies and sociology "Golden Fortune"
- Laureate of fine art competition named after artist Oleksandr Murashko, first reward. NAFAA, Fund "Ukraine - it's us".
- Honorable Diploma of National Academy of Arts of Ukraine.
- Laureate of the Drawing competition of academic staging, project "KOD".
-Laureate of art competition named after artist Victor Zaretsky.
- Laureate of the art competition in landscape named after artist Puzyrkov Victor.
-Laureate of the I All-Ukrainian art competition named after artist Adalbert Erdeli.
- Participant of lV All-Ukrainian Triennale "Art 2016", International landscape art exhibition " A.I. Kuindgi Memorial", International plein air and exhibition in Montenegro.


2018 - “Numeri Esse”, Museum of Kyiv history, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2018 - “Human. Environment” KyivPhotoWeek 2018. “Toronto - Kyiv”.
2018 - “I - Synoptic”, AkT gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2018 - Ukrainian Contemporary Women’s Art Fest, gallery XXI, Ukraine.
2018 - XI edition of AR[t]CEVIA International Art Festival, Italy. Catalogue
2018 - Triennale “Graphics 2018”. Kyiv.
2018 - Project 80x80 in Pavlovka gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2018 - Exhibition Nude: fine art, graphics, sculpture in Ducat gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine 2018 - Erotic art festival in Educatorium gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2018 - A4 ballpoint exhibition in Karas gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2018 - International exhibition “Home”, Augusta Savage gallery, Massachusetts University, Amherst, USA.
2017 - ll All-Ukrainian exhibition-competition of fine art. Diploma ll level. Ukraine National Academy of Arts.
2017 - "Pasionska Baština 2017. Kalvarija". Gallery Josip Račić, Studio Moderne galerije (Zagreb, Croatia).
2017 - 13 Annual exhibition “cash&carry”. ALU, Zagreb
2017 - Exhibition of the finalists for the award of Anatoly Kryvolap. Cultural and social project "KYIV ART FORT 2017. Contemporary Art Plain Air". National Historical and Architectural Museum "Kyiv Fortress".
2017 - All- Ukrainian Exhibition of Abstract Art, National Union of Ukrainian Artists (NUUA), Kyiv, Ukraine, catalogue
2016 - ІІІ All-Ukrainian Triennale of abstract art ART- AKT, culture center "Vernisazh", Chernivtzi, Ukraine.
2016 - Exhibition dedicated to 25 -Independence Day with a support of the NUUA in "Gallery of Arts", Kyiv, Ukraine. Gratitude.
2016 - lV All-Ukrainian Triennale "Art 2016". Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, Direction of Art Exhibitions in Ukraine. Kyiv. Catalogue.
2016 - International landscape art exhibition " A.I. Kuindgi Memorial". Exhibition center of contemporary art and culture named after artist A.I. Kuindgi in Mariupol, Ukraine.
2015 - "Kyiv. Three generations". Center of Ukrainian Culture and Art, Kyiv.
2015 - All-Ukrainian culturally - art project " Young Ukrainian inspirations", Ukraine, Odesa. Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, Direction of Art Exhibitions in Ukraine
2015 - International plain-air and exhibition in Montenegro, Stoliv. In association with International Foundation «Cultural Heritage»
2014 - Philanthropic auction sale in museum- studio of Ivan Kavaleridze, Kyiv, Ukraine. Collecting funds for needs of Ukrainian Military Hospital in Kyiv.
2014 - VIІI All- Ukrainian Exhibition " wonderful colors of Dniper". Ministry of Culture in Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
2014 - Exhibition " Art Maidan", NUUA, Kyiv, Ukraine