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About Iliad Sabchi

My paintings reflect a trans-personal dialog with the very nature of the abstract. With intentions to remain an individual, I concentrate on the unknown; intuit a connection with psyche, spirit and the ego. Breathing the same air, feeling the same environment, the canvas and I reveal our identity through layered moments of feeling. Every color is met with a patient response; I listen over watching, I care, like a gardener whom seed has been sown. Space is occasionally asked of me. I’ll return to life’s daily matters, as to not influence the behavior of the canvas until called, needed, or begin to yearn for relation to reunite with the canvas. Attending to the needs of the aesthetic, I try to massage the uncomfortable points with my hands, healing both painter and painting. Transient, I paint no more than what I can carry the weight of. Rolled canvases, I trust the universe. .Iliad 1/21/16.
When a painting is in front of me I only see what is behind me but when a white canvas, then I see infinite possibilities, and when I start painting on it I close my eyes because I don't want to see of myself again but I end up covering it all over by myself with a bit of help from those infinite possibilities, and it is new just as an other breath.can't be more magical to me! 2.07.2015
A poet while painting but more of a painter while thinking . Practicing music is an infinite joy in my life and it feels like painting has been such a powerful generator. 23.12.2017
Sometimes...The very abstraction of nature itself has been my main focus in general and lately have began to pay more attention to it's dialog,sometimes connection and sometimes its possible unity with the Subconscious that appears quite tangibly within the results of my spontaneous choices and combined with the divine freedom in the behavior of nature,while considering all the material used in a painting as a composition of natural elements. makes the process not so far from the alchemy to me.I care for love in the process and I wonder for peace .And i see my painting as projections of inside and outside world in relationship with my psyche and soul that is being physically sensible after all. My work can be found in private collections mostly in United States but also lucky to have them in Canada , UK, Europe and Australia as well as quite a number in Asia specially in India ,China and South Korea.


2012- Enrolled in a PhD program of painting department, Visva Bharati University. Santiniketan, India ( not completed)...I was wishing to relate with " Art Therapy"...
2007-2009: MFA in painting from Visva Bharati university, Santiniketan, India
2000-2005: BFA in painting from Tabriz Azad University, Iran



2018: Fassounaki Art Gallery, Tabriz
Kabood Gallery, Tabriz, Iran
Kokrajhar Collage of music and fine
arts, Assam, India
2016: 20th Annual Festival of Alternative
Art, organized by ACCEA/NPAK.
2014: Masan Art fair , South Korea
2013: Namboo International Art Festival -
Dagu - South Korea
2013: Chandong Gallery - Masan - South
2010: Iranian Contemporary Exhibition at
Ganges Art Gallery – Kolkata – India
Azerbaijan Contemporary art
exhibition in Tehran art center .
2009: Samokal Art Gallery ,Kolkata, India
Annual exhibition of Kala-Bhavan in
Kolkata- India
2008: Yasami Gallery - Tabriz - Iran
2007: Nandan Gallery ,Santiniketan - India
2005: Saba House Gallery -Tehran
2004: Yasami Gallery – Tabriz - Iran
Barg Gallery – Tehran - Iran
Behzad Gallery (installation) –
Aria Gallery- Tehran- Iran
2003: Yasami Gallery (Art and Cultural
Center -Tabriz)
Behzad Gallery –Tabriz
2002: Mir Ali Tabrizi Gallery (Art and
Cultural center), Tabriz , East

Solo shows:
2012:Toji Art Gallery –Toji Cultural Center-
Wonju-South Korea .
2011:Sarv Art Gallery – Tabriz - East

Artist Residencies:
2018: Work shop in Fassounaki Art Gallery
.Tabriz -East Azerbaijan .
2018: International friendship painting
symposium cum cultural
festival.organized by Kokrajhar
collage of music and fine
arts.Bodoland (Assam) , India
2016: 4 Months visiting artist in residency
program of ACOSS , Yerevan-
2013: Gram artist residency ,Paradsingha,
India .
- Chondong Residence ( ACC
Project)/ Masan-si ,South Korea.
2012: Toji Cultural Center-writers
Program- in Wonju,South Korea.

Several public and private collections in different countries ...