Oksana Linde

Oksana Linde

San Antonio de los Altos, Miranda, Venezuela

About Oksana Linde

I was born in Caracas. My parents arrived in Venezuela after leaving Ukraine.
I did not study Arts formally. My mother Halyna Linde-Krychevska taught me several techniques, but I followed my way while dedicating to other activities. I paint and draw since a child. Used to draw in the notebooks during classes in school. I would have liked to illustrate books. Some now and then I have done logos.

I find inspiration in almost everything.

I like to experiment with diverse techniques and materials. Sometimes I begin to work without any specific intention, waiting to be guided by my inner world.


Interested in Science, Environment, Health, Nutrition, Sociology, Anthropology, Evolution, Geology.


Non-academic education in visual arts with my mother Halyna Krychevska-Linde and ceramic with brother Vasyl Linde Krychevsky

I studied Chemistry at the Universidad de Oriente (UDO) and the Central University of Venezuela (UCV)

Obtained a Chemistry MsC (Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research IVIC). I had to leave the labs when I was 33, due to chronic intoxication, which left me with some health sequels.

Non formal musical education. Piano, Syntheziser..


In July 2020, in the National Assembly in Venezuela, an image of Sortileges 002 will be part of an exhibition dedicated to the severe crises of the national parks in Venezuela, particularly these in the Amazonia. The damage due to mining is disastrous (Arco Minero and other parts of the region were is the Great Salto Angel, Canaima park and others).. The destruction of the basins and contamination of the main rivers of this zone causes the dissapearance of indigenous ethnia that live there, the huge loss of unique Biodiversity, the soil damage. All these Ecologic catastrophes will never be repaired. A tragedy for our country Venezuela.

Future participation in collective exhibitions in Ukraine and Caracas in 2020. Now these will be virtual.
In March 2019, some of my works were part of an exhibition of four women, Krychevsky´s descendants, in the Lebedyn Art Museum in Lebedyn, Ukraine.
The last solo exhibition took place in October-November 2017, a small retrospective exhibit in San Antonio de los Altos - Miranda.
In January 2013 was inaugurated in Opishne, Ukraine, a museum dedicated to the Krychevsky artistic family. Some of my small works are there, watercolors, pencil, digital and and ink works.
Included in May 1 , 2020 in a CD along with 6 more Electronic musicians:


48 collective, 13 solo exhibitions.
Selected to take part in The First Catskill Digital Art Show, March 2016, with two artworks. 19 participants.