Ingo Leth

Ingo Leth

Emmen, Drenthe, Netherlands

About Ingo Leth

A short overview of the art of Ingo Leth, Emmen, Netherlands
This key note has influenced me for my whole life. I was born in 1968 in Duisburg/Germany. As I attended
the school for Graphic Design and Color Techniques I realized the impact and possibilities of art.
In 1992, after moving to the Netherlands, my career as an professional artist began with first exhibitions.
As a Co-founder of a new art style I worked until the year 1999 in an artist group which got attention at
home and abroad.
In 2000 I advanced my art style. I have tried different styles of painting with different techniques. Now my
work has developed to a combination of abstract with figurative.
Especially I obtain for my art a lot of my inspiration out of Japanese and Dutch culture. The first steps to
Japanese culture began with a hobby. Since 16 years I raise koi-carps. Many books about and a trip to
Japan in 2008 inspired me for my paintings.
In my paintings I try to express cultural symbols and their story and meaning behind it. For everyone
it could be a discovery trip to an unknown art world. The painting style I use is often west-European,
thoughts and symbolism can be traced back to the Japanese culture.
Sources of inspiration are the Haiku (poem) writer Basho, the Japanese archery Kyudo, Maiko and geisha,
Kanji signs und Origami art. But there are links to the Dutch culture, too. Some of my paintings are
influenced by the traditional Japanese Arita porcelain and its blue color and the similar Dutch "Delft blue".


Grafic design;
silkscreen pro


2020 Galerie Bij Leth; ArtFusion Amsterdam; Galerie Alosery Almere;

2019 Galerie Bij Leth Emmen (NL); Galerie Kaders en Kunst Bergen op Zoom (NL)

2018 Galerie Bij Leth Emmen (NL)

2017 Galerie Bij Leth Emmen (NL)

Great church Emmen (NL)

Galerie Wim Zwijzen Hoorn (NL); Kunst en Kastelen Gronsveld (NL) (Art and castles); Galerie huis ter Heide Assen (NL)

Galerie Tolg’Art Wierden (NL); Galerie ArtFusion Amsterdam (NL); Art-month Ameland (NL)

2013 Museum "Casteelse Poort" Wageningen (NL); CBK Emmen (NL); Gallery Wim Zwijsen Hoorn(NL); Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam

2012 Museum Royal Goedewaagen Nieuw Buinen (NL); Galerie Huis ter Heide Assen (NL);

2011 Galerie Storm Amsterdam (NL); Galerie ArtFusion Amsterdam (NL); Regional Artday Den Haag (NL); Galerie Alosery Almere Haven (NL); National Artdays Amsterdam; Galerie ArtStable Amsterdam (NL);

2010 "Werkplaats Emmen" in Emmen (NL); Galerie Philadelphia the Jewel in Nes on the Island Ameland (NL); Elephant parade Emmen; Galerie Arthuus in Loenen (NL)

2009 Gallery Sephina in Duiven (NL); Church in Weert (NL); Artfair Ughelen (NL); Artfair Hoorn (NL); "Kunst aan de Vaart" Assen (NL); Gallery Tolg'Art Wierden (NL); Artfair Hof van Saksen (NL);

2008 Impulse, International Art Fair Osnabrück (D); Gallery Philadelphia Nes Ameland (NL); Gallery Amersfoort (NL); Huntenkunst Doetinchem (NL); Gallery Arthuus Loenen (NL); Gallery ArtStable Amsterdam (NL); Gallery Vleeshouwers Weert (NL);

2007 Museum Casteelse Poort in Wageningen (NL); Galerie ArtJan in Borne (NL); Museum of Natur Ameland (NL); Gallery Philadelphia Nes/Ameland (NL); Gallery Spiegelbeeld Emmen (NL); Huntenkunst International Artfair Doentinchem (NL); Gallery Partout Art Gouda (NL); International Artfair Salzburg (A); Gallery Philadelphia Nes Ameland(NL);

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2005 Galerie Amadeus Art Amersfoort (NL); Galerie Hang Amsterdam (NL); Galerie Elborgh in Elburg (NL); Galerie Donkersvoort Beek en Donk (NL); Galerie CHG Hasselt (B); Kunsthuis Vleeshouwers Weert (NL); Huntenkunst Doetinchem (NL)

2004 Akzo Arnheim (NL); Galeria Zero Barcelona (SP); Gallery Gora Montreal (CA); CBK Van der Veen Assen (NL); Galerie Spiegelbeeld Emmen (NL); Het Kunsthuis Arnhem (NL); Galerie Euro-art Tolbert (NL); Huntenkunst Doetinchem (NL); Frazier museum Kentucky (USA); Gallery Niendieker Arnhem (NL); Gallery Hang Amsterdam (NL);

2003 Gallery Spiegelbeeld Emmen (NL); Het Kunsthuis Arnhem (NL); Werkplaats Emmen 2, groupexhibition Emmen (NL); Gallery Artissum The Hague (NL); Huntenkunst Doetinchem (NL); Gallery Euro-art Leek/Tolbert (NL); Kunstevent Antwerpen (B)

2002 Galerie Spiegelbeeld Emmen (NL); Galerie Het Kunsthuis Arnhem (NL)

1999 Huntenkunst Doetinchem (NL)

1998 World fine art Gallery New York (USA); Huntenkunst Doetinchem (NL)

1997 Gallery ARTO imago Uden (NL); Manifestation Art 2000 Den Bosch (NL); Holland ART Fair The Hague (NL)

1996 Gallery "de Sigarenfabriek" Delft (groupexhibition“ animals in art”) (NL); Huntenkunst Doetinchem (NL); Holland ART Fair The Hague (NL); Management Centre De Baak Noordwijk (NL)

1995 Wonen ’95 furniture fair Hoogeveen (NL); International artmanifestation ART 54 Gallery New York (USA); Stichting Muziekschool Emmen (NL); Huntenkunst Doetinchem (NL)

1994 “Pink in Toyism” at the cityhall of Emmen (NL); Bouwplan ’94 Emmen (NL); Huntenkunst Doetinchem (NL); Gallery Guido de Spar Amsterdam (NL)

1993 First exhibition of the Toyists at the National Veenmuseum Barger Compascuum (NL); “Emmer kunst” Cityhall Emmen (NL); T&S Art expo Utrecht (NL); Baarsma interieur Emmen (NL); International ART Gallery Meppel (NL); Galerie 8bij3 Kaatsheuvel (NL); Holland Art Fair The Hague (NL)

1992 City Hall of Beetsterzwaag (NL)

1991-1999 Gallery Dejo Emmen (NL)