Ivana Živić

Ivana Živić

Belgrade, Serbia, Serbia

About Ivana Živić

Ivana Živić (1979, Sarajevo) is an artist living and working in Belgrade.

Živić focuses her attention on paintings which are characterised by exploring the interiors submerged underwater in a unique blend of realism, fantasy and montage. Executed with great finesse, the viewer feels enveloped by these spaces populated by a single presence of a swimmer, sometimes joined by another, exploring the inner world of emotions.

Živić studied painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, where she graduated in 2004 and obtained her MA degree at the same faculty. Since 2006, Živić has been a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (ULUS), and her work has been the subject of 20 solo exhibitions and over 50 group exhibitions internationally. Živić is the recipient of the award of the Vladimir Veličković Drawing Fund (2016); the Rotary Club Award (2014); the Diploma of the Vladimir Veličković Drawing Fund (2012); Award for the production of work from the Dimitrije Bašičević Mangelos Fund (2012), and the Diploma of the 2nd Drawing Biennale in Pančevo (2009). She was a resident artist at Cite Internationale des Arts Paris in France (2009) and GLO’ART centre in Lanaken, Belgium (2015)Artist in Residence at Serbian Art Month, Art hub, Abu Dhabi 2018. Her works are in notable private collections around Europe and America.


MA , Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade


solo exhibitions

2017 - Underwater, paintings and drawings, Drina gallery, Belgrade
2017 - Through the water, paintings and installations, Eđšeg Castle, organized by the Cultural Center of Novi Sad
2016 - The Atmosphere of Underwater Reality, paintings, Art Salon Kočevje, Regional Museum Kočevje, Slovenia
​2015 - Paintings, Salon 77 Gallery, Niš, Serbia
2015 - The Romms of Water ,Paintings, Ulus Gallery, Belgrade
2013 - Paintings,Cultural Centre Grocka, Grocka
2012 - Dimitrije Bašičević Mangelos Award, Production 2011, Zvono Gallery, Belgrade
2011 - Stickers, installations made of stickers, Gallery of Modern Art Lazarevac, Lazarevac, Serbia
2010 - Toys, installations, Warehouse Gallery ( Magacin u Kraljevića Marka 8)organized by DOB Gallery (Dom Omladine Beograd), Belgrade
2010 - Antidepressive, digital graphics, Gallery 73 (Galerija 73), Belgrade
2008 - Postgraduated exhibition ’Permeating’, drawings/paintings, FLU Gallery (GalerijaFakulteta likovnih umetnosti), Belgrade
2008 - ’Display window’ drawings/paintings, Gallery of Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation, (Galerija Zadužbine Ilije M.Kolarca), Belgrade
2007 - ’Sights’, SULUJ , Belgrade
2007 - Paintings, Izba Gallery, Novi Sad
2005 - Paintings, Institute for Study of Cultural Development,(Zavod za proučavanje
kulturnog razvitka), Belgrade
2002 - Drawings, University village Gallery, (Dom kulture studentski grad), Belgrade
1999 - Drawings, House of Đura Jakšić Gallery, Belgrade