Ivory Art Gallery

Ivory Art Gallery

Saint-Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

About Ivory Art Gallery

Ivory-art includes pictures of artists, curators of art traditions and values, behind which a serious academic education, hard work on honing skills and unquestionable professionalism. To you some of the most talented representatives of contemporary Russian art, with a strong personality, her unique artistic language, and uniqueness.

Paintings on the site - the true treasure, and if necessary, storage conditions, will go through the century, forget the warmth of your fingers will see many things: regime change of government, the fuel crisis, climate change, a little fade, darken paint, covered with craquelure, but will remain .. . will remain for posterity.

Gallery "Ivory-art" located in Saint-Petersburg and represent a spectrum of the most talent and well known modern artists of Russia.

Gallery was founded in 2012 and organized a lot of exhibitions in banks, clinics, hotels and at another spaces of own Saint-Petersburg city.

We already participated in Affordable Art Fair Stockholm 2014, Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2015 – Spring edition, Affordable Art Fair Seoul 2015, Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2016 – Spring edition, Affordable Art Fair Stockholm 2017.

We represent a spectrum of talent, well known modern artists and can offer high quality, but really affordable artworks