Jacqueline van der Plaat

Jacqueline van der Plaat

Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands

About Jacqueline van der Plaat

Jacqueline was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 1959. Already as a Child she liked to draw and make things with her hands. She studied Textile Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, university for Fine Arts and Design in Amsterdam, where she learned to work with a free spirit. Years later she started to take painting lessons and developed her own style. She is inspired by artists like Matisse and David Hockney, and is often traveling and searching the Internet for new inspiration. The creation of her art is a rather intuitive and discovering process. I start my paintings by using a mix of acryl and oil paint, spray paint or pouring paint on the canvas creating the first layer. Then gradually the composition develops and changes into its final form, while adding other media layers of textile and paper. In this exciting and challenging process, the final composition of shapes arises step by step from the background. The female body has become an important subject for her paintings, intending to show women powerful in a soft way. "I am on a journey to rediscover the source of woman’s power, the Feminine spirit". The same time she is a colorist and decorative painter. Her art is only ready when it truly reflects her personality, mood and thoughts. Saying goodbye to her paintings she finds therefore quite hard as they feel as a piece of her self.


Fashion and Textile, De Schans, from 1976-1980.
Gerrit Rietveld Academy for Fine arts and Design from 1980-1983.
Learning to make hats at Dini Kelly fashion school 1999.
Several painting courses in Amsterdam started 1998.
Modeldrawing classes since 2006.


January 2007, Solo exhibition, Town hall Mijdrecht, The Netherlands.
September 2007, Art fair Aalsmeer, The Netherlands.
November 2008, group exhibition at Agora gallery New York, USA.
September 2008 Art fair Aalsmeer, The Netherlands.
February 2011, Group Exhibition at LIFE The Gallery, in Farnham, England.
December 2012, Solo exhibition at LIFE-The Gallery, Amsterdam.
April 2014, Solo Exhibition at LIFE-The Gallery Amsterdam.
May 2014, Rai Art fair Amsterdam, The Netherlands
December 2014, Duo exhibition with Patries van Dorst at LIFE The Gallery Amsterdam, The Netherlands
February 2015, Good Figures Exhibition, The Mall Galleries, London.
May 2015, Group exhibition, Candida Stevens Gallery, West Sussex, England
April 2016, Solo exhibition, kunstfort Vijfhuizen, The Netherlands.
September 2016, International art symposium “An der Donau”, Austria.
Februari/March 2019, Solo exhibition Back to Black Coffee Bar, Weteringstraat 48, Amsterdam Netherlands.
March 2019, Other Art Fair London, England.
April 2019,Solo exhibition Back to Black Coffee bar,
Van Hallstraat 268 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Mai 2019 Art Route Ronde Venen Netherlands