Jamie Zubairi

Jamie Zubairi

London, London, United Kingdom

About Jamie Zubairi

Jamie Zubairi was born in 1972 in Aldershot and raised in Kuala Lumpur until he was 16. He has studied watercolour painting under David Sum in Kuala Lumpur and oils and acrylics under Andrew Burkitt. Graduated from Leicester DeMontfort University in 1992 after taking a Foundation Course there, to take up acting training at LAMDA.

My visual work is often responsive to stimuli, whether it's a painting, a poem, a performance, or a perceived situation. In order that these stimuli are responded to in a state of freedom, I don't limit my responses to purely visual. Within this response I will move, improvise spoken word poetry, play music and paint. These paintings are the visual record of these sessions. These are sometimes live performances, sometimes video art, rendered down to a practice I call my 'Small Epics'


Leicester DeMontfort University

London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art




Aug 2008 - 2010. Union Theatre, London - Group

December 2010 Peckham Space, London - Open

December 2011 Nunhead Open, London

June 2014 London, Blend Gallery N4 0RG - Solo

September 2014 Clapham Library - Solo