Jane Cooney

Jane Cooney

Kent, United Kingdom

About Jane Cooney

I am a Fine Artist who focuses on realistic, freehand drawings. I am currently creating a series of drawings of hands and other drawings in sepia tones.

My work is inspired by Renaissance artists such as Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael amongst others. I have chosen hands as one of the subject matters for my drawings because they are challenging and you can tell a lot about a person from them. I believe these drawings to be another form of portraiture as you can find out what type of person the sitter is. For instance, how old someone is, how they are feeling, a story behind a scar, etc.
Also, we use our hands to touch things as we go through life, therefore I believe these drawings represent a truer impression of our experiences.

More information on my work can be found at:

You can also follow me on Twitter (JaneCooneyArt) and contact me at info@janecooney.net

Thank you for looking at my work.