Krzysztof Janicki

Krzysztof Janicki

Stawiguda, varmia-masuria, Poland

About Krzysztof Janicki

Krzysztof Janicki – born in 1954, in Olsztyn, Poland.
I work in the area of graphic art, painting, photography and graphic designs.
Currently, I live and work in my studio situated outside Olsztyn in a small countryside town.
I am very fond of a mezzotint technique. It is a copperplate engraving technique which has been around for 400 years. First of all, a drawing is created on a copper plate. Then, a limited number of copies is produced using a special type of paper. The maximum of copies is 50. And finally, each copy is signed, numbered and provided with a title. A deep black colour and velvety light singles out mezzotint from all other known techniques.

Small objects usually whisper their stories in my works just like actors who are performing their quiet show. The objects are uprooted from their usual surrounding and put together anew. They create a separate microcosm which brings hidden meanings and takes the spectators on a journey of imagination. My goal is not to reconstruct (copy) the reality but to encourage the viewers to break from the accepted perception of the reality. The compositions disturb and unveil the new, hidden meanings of the objects. They lead to the metaphysical world of thoughts. I encourage the spectators to undertake this journey and discover the eternal mystery piercing our universe.


I graduated from secondary school of fine arts in Gdynia with a diploma in photography in 1974.

In 1981, I graduated from Academy of fine arts in Gdansk, in the studio of assistant of professor, Jerzy Krechowicz. I graduated with honours and received the highest grade for my poster work. The subject of my final work was – “Theatre poster”.


1974 – I participated in 8th Biennial FIAP (Federation of International Art Photography) - received a gold medal in photography category;
1976 – 3rd award OKFA (All-Polish Amateur Movie Competition) in Kedzierzyn, Poland in animated cartoons category;
1977 – Silver medal HUY (International Animation Cartoons Competition) in Belgium in animated cartoons category;
1979 – 1st and 3rd award OKFA in Bielsko Biala, Poland in animated cartoons category;
1981 – I participated in the exhibition – “Diploma 81’ in Zacheta gallery in Warsaw, Poland;
1981 – 1st award in the poster competition in Dusseldorf, Germany. The subject of the work was ‘a man and a book’;
1983 – A one man show in EMPIK in Olsztyn;
1991 – An exhibition - ‘Kartoteka 91” (File ’91) in Olsztyn;
1991 – An exhibition in Olberg, Germany;
2000 – 1st and 3rd award in the competition for a poster promoting Olsztyn city;
2003 – I participated in 3rd Olsztyn Art Biennial in BWA (Art Exhibition Office);
2007 – I participated in 5th Olsztyn Art Biennial in BWA;