Jason Balducci

Jason Balducci


About Jason Balducci

I'm an Italian Visual artist currently living in Toronto, Canada.
Active colors, uneven layers, fragmental bodies, sketchy lines, and an unconventional mixture of techniques and materials are my typical expressive means.
I see art as a way to experiment and explore the unknown: both the inner personality of the models and of my own state of mind. For me, art serves not only to depict the reality but also to subjectively rethink it, open a dialogue, express personal associations, and find new meanings.


2011 Master of Fine Art. Academy of Fine Arts Florence, Italy.

2008-10 Bachelor of Art, Art History & Theory. University of Miguel Hernandez, Spain.


2020 Overzealous 2020, Art Space Connect Gallery,Toronto, Canada
2020 Collective Cure, New Harmony Gallery, Indiana.
2020 XPOSED - Naked and not afraid,Knox Gallery,Calgary, Canada
2020 Minerva: Harmony to Hollywood, New Harmony Gallery, Indiana.
2020 Don’t touch your face, Shockboxx Gallery, Hermosa Beach, California.
2020 Drawing unlimited, Propeller Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

2020 Labour of Love, The Freedom Factory, Toronto, Canada.
2018 Vernice Contemporanea, Vicenza, Italy.
2017 Self-Portrait, with Odd Nerdrum), TIAC International, Florence Italy.
2016 “Beyond Skills” with Golucho , Galleria 360, Florence, Italy.
2015 Enegan-art, ex court-house, Florence Italy.
2012 Expo "Art your food" IMAF festival Milan, Italy

2012 Collettiva "Lions day and Dynamo camp" cafè Giubbe rosse, Florence, Italy.
2011 "Noche de arte en Hurlingham", Buenos Aires, Argentina.