Joseph Barbaccia

Joseph Barbaccia

Washington, DC, United States

About Joseph Barbaccia

Born:1952Philadelphia, PAUSA have created art objects since childhood. During that time there have been many reasons why I created. At one time or another I created for attention or for money. Or to express emotions or transmit ideas. I've created just to play with the medium or just to pass the time. I've created as an excuse to be alone and search my soul. I've created to impress and I've created to make a living.Art is Idea. Ideas can be transmitted through many different forms and mediums. The medium, or art object, is a conduit and container, potentially/constantly transmitting the Idea. It's a renewable energy source, a beacon radiating the Ideas and energies placed into it by the artist. The artist is a creator. The art object a carrier or transmitter. The viewer a receiver. Each viewer has his or her own filter. So the success of transmission is not solely dependent on the artist. The viewer needs to participate (tune in) and the environment has to be right.My art springs from ideas, usually hastily sketched or written down and stored away, to be realized at a later date. I think of this as an aging process. Green ideas do not always deserve to be made into art objects. Sometimes when I return and review an idea I find it has not stood the test of time or my change of viewpoint, so I choose to discard it. Sometimes my initial plans to realize an idea in a particular medium will change, and an image that I originally thought would work well as, say a drawing, I now see better as a three dimensional object. The process is very flexible.


Tyler School of Fine Art (Temple University), Philadelphia, PA