De Cluni Jean

De Cluni Jean

LESQUERDE, languedoc Roussillon, France

About De Cluni Jean

Front 1990, I studied with Josep Castell, a French Catalan painter and famous sculptor ( la voute des mains, Deutschland )
1990 -93 in private art school to learn painting restoration.( I know knoledges about conservation painting and differents materials no used by painters to perpetuate my works in a long time.)
I have been a full-time visual artist for 25 years and I live in a small village in the famous Cathar country, Lesquerde.
Developped over the many years of different practice, I am self taught with different artistic applications as abstract painter and illustrator. I worked in painting restoration for the great French museums during this period.
I occupy my studio in London since 2016 to do classical landscape ( especially the city of london that I love ), since I practice too photography for 3 years now )
I work by series according to the influences of the moment : supernovae - inspired by Young British School ( Hirst ...) , abstract by french School : Support / surface ....and characters on abstract landscape ( the last serie ) but I practice the classic painting too as portrait ( persone, animal ,...) or landscape.
My work is very slow because I wait for the dry materials between two layers an I come back on it until I like the result. I use all sizes large or small with various techniques, always with the aim of ensuring good conservation of the work.


front 1990 : studied with Josep Castell ( catalan artist sculptor)
1990 - 93 private art school in France
1994 - 2005 : work in my studio in Lille ( and working for french museum )
2006-now : work in my studio in south of France ( abstract, op art )
2016 : studio in London, working classical painting

collection : FRANCE, CANADA, New Zealand.


resident galerie Phylactère ( Brillac, France ) 2014 -2017

Event : heritage days 2019 / Exhibition in Hotêl Dugas de la Boissonny, Saint Chamond, France

New : I am referenced in the book Akoun with a quotation ( around 65 dollars the point ) by art expert. referenced online.

New : resident in art gallery JC ART PROD London

New : participation in SUNNY ART PRIZE 2020 UK
* new event july 2020 :
participation in SUNNY ART PRIZE UK competition
participation LUXEMBOURG ART PRIZE competition

2021 art project in progress : Copelouzos art Museum, Athens, Greece

Mai 2021 : Galerie art Curator HongLee


Art Up Lille february 2014
St'art Strasbourg November 2014

solo exhibition : Port-Vendres , Pyrénées Orientales
from 9 to 24 February 2019, France

Participation in the competition 2019 : BP Portrait Award 2019 London/ uk
Participation Aesthetica art prize 2019 sept.
Participation Young Space / Cincinati /USA

Event : heritage days 2019 / Exhibition in Hotêl Dugas de la Boissonny, Saint Chamond, France

Selected by the artist for the Artbox.project exhibition in Barcelona from 18 - 22 March 2020

new event : collective exhibition Saint Antonin Noble Val ( dep 82 - France ) july 15 th to august 15 th 2020

ARTBOX.PROJECT Barcelona 1.0
october 15 to 19 th october 2020 postponed

Poscard show / Nottinghamshire july 2020

Artbox.Project Barcelona Exhibition 2 to 7 may 2021,Valid World Hall Gallery. Barcelona