Jenn Warpole

Jenn Warpole

Philadelphia, PA, United States

About Jenn Warpole

I am a painter living in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I have always drawn and when I began making artwork in grade school and junior high, I fancied myself becoming a cartoonist or an animator. Disney was big at that time and I would pause my Beauty and the Beast or Little Mermaid VHS and try to copy what I saw. In Highschool I found a book on Giacometti and was changed forever. Such is the power of art. In 2003 I realized that I needed training in order to paint the paintings that I wanted to paint and I enrolled in The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and tried to learn to become a painter for the next 6 years. I have since graduated and am still learning to make the paintings that I want to make from my attic studio in Germantown.


The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, MFA - 2007-2009

The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Certificate - 2004-2007



Church Street Gallery in Westchester, PA - Solo Show, October 2018


Barry Sakata Gallery, Sacramento, CA - Solo Show, July 2017

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