Jerry C Monteith

Jerry C Monteith

Cobden, IL, United States

About Jerry C Monteith

Much of my practice includes collecting and preparing wood from local trees. When I began this process years ago, the material came from friends or neighbors who cut down trees and offered the wood to me. Now I have many trees on my property that may drop large branches. Most require careful and regular pruning. Recently I was forced to take down a sugar maple that was rotting from the inside out. This provided me with a considerable amount material that is dense and quite excellent. It also provided much of the material used to make “Red Fence.” The scroll form in the piece was made with wood I saved from pruning pear trees some years ago. I’d like to think that my work functions like poetry, except it uses forms instead of words to evoke thoughts and feelings that lie deep and barely realized.


Education: BFA, UNC- Chapel Hill, 1975, MFA Cranbrook Academy of Art, 1978.


Upcoming Shows:

2022 Sheldon Art Center, St. Louis, MO
High Low- Kransberg Foundation, St. Louis, MO


2021 Evanston Art Center Biennial, Evanston, IL
2020 "Wood", Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
2019 Two-Person show with Lindsay Obermeyer, St. Louis Lambert International Airport, Lambert Art
and Culture Program
2018 Two-person show with Chris Kahler, Contemporary Art Center, Peoria, IL
2017 “Public Sculpture: The Art of the Proposal”, Catapult Gallery, Southeastern Missouri University,
Cape Girardeau, MO
Cedarhurst Biennial, Cedarhurst Center for the Arts, Mt. Vernon, IL
2016 “Exposure 10 Years”, artists shown in the annual “Exposure” show over the past 10 years, Gallery
210, University of Missouri, St. Louis, MO
National Sculpture Invitational, Clemens Fine Arts Center, Paducah, KY
“Natural Shift”, 4-person invitational, Fort Collins Museum of Art, Ft. Collins, CO
2015 Cedarhurst Biennial, Cedarhurst Center for the Arts, Mt. Vernon, IL
2014 Jerry Monteith and Yamini Nayar, two-person show, Duet, St. Louis, MO
2013 “Attractors”, solo show, OK Harris Gallery, New York City, USA
“Exposure 16, Primal Forms”, Three-person annual exhibition, Gallery 210, University of Missouri, St.
Louis, St. Louis, MO