Jessica Muller

Jessica Muller

Barchem, Gelderland, Netherlands

About Jessica Muller

Jessica Muller (Bergen, Germany, 1963)
In the beginning the canvas was empty. Jessica Muller creates with color and paint (her handwriting) a new and visual space in which distance and near- ness are synchronous. "The work starts from zero: emptiness, meaningless- ness, without any preconception, nor is there a preconceived image to aim at," Jessica explains. And "The whole work is a timeless "˜being', originated from a piling up of instantaneous actions which together are to be its oppo- site: timeless or limitless. The result is a view into different dimensions at the same time."

From nothingness all originates; all is nothing
The agreements we've made and the thoughts we dedicate to these agree- ments make the world look like it does. We are never to know if the meaning of what we see is the same for each of us. For every human being the word is connected with a manifestation. In creational mysticism it is "˜In the beginning was The Word'.
What is then the meaning of the image? The imitation of the word? Or does the image exist autonomously, without words? In my paintings I am in search of the autonomous image. The work starts from scratch: empty, meaningless. There is no such thing as a preconceived plan, not a preconceived image to match. De-attachment of the picture. The entire existence is a timeless "˜being', arisen from an accumulation of instantaneous snapshots which are timeless and boundless. What rests is a glance in different dimensions at the same time. In the process of painting, my material - canvas and paint - is my point of departure. With my material I am searching to go beyond the well known effects in order to reach unknown territory where it is exciting to discover new possibilities. It is the territory of emptiness, of not knowing. Here one meets one's intuition which is unpredictable and undomitable. The intuition determines the angle of incidence of the actions - the snapshots - and together with my professional observation and judgement the ultimate result, the painting. In this intuitive proces it is my commission to find a solution in the material, a way out so that all kinds of niches, side-scenes and sluices originate - in the layers of paint as well as in my own consciousness. I compare this process with the way one makes a trip through one's brain searching for an answer in abstraction. The incentive is the wish to find a way out through the material. Ultimately the aim is just being in a purification.


Het Rijnlands Lyceum VWO - 1982

Royal Academy of Fine Arts The Hague, the Netherlands -1988
Bachelor in painting & monumental design
Video Documentary since 1998
BA in Arts and Design: Education, 2014 Cum Laude, Artez Arnhem, the Netherlands


artist in residence in:
2008- Beijing/China
2002- Wilmington, US
2001&03- KRiva Palanka, Macedonia
1997- India


2019 EuropArtfair Amsterdam, 6-7-8 december '19
2016 Art Fair ArtArnhem
2016 Gallery 'Nasty Alice', Shuffle', Eindhoven
2016 'Gilcrest project', SaatchiArt, Los Angeles,
2016 'Posthuys gallery', Texel
2015 'About everything, coming from nowhere'
at 'Agnes Raben Gallery',Vorden, Netherlands
2014 'Tracing the stomping bride', videoart 4:00min.
St AnnaKunsthalle, Lübeck, Germany
2014 'solo', galerie 23, Helmond
2013 ‘Spotlight’, Oude Apotheek, Zutphen
2012 ‘Galerie de Grunerie’, Oegstgeest
2012 ‘Dwalen door beschermd gebied’, with Hans
de Bruijn, Christine Bittremieux,
A.Bolten, Galerie Agnes Raben, Vorden
2012 ‘Dutch invasion Houston’, Pulchri Studio,
Mesdagzaal, The Hague
2012 ‘Forma Aktua galerie’, Nieuwstad 10,
2011 Williams Tower Gallery, 2800 Post Oak
Blvd, Houston USA
2011 Box 13 ArtSpace, 6700 Harrisburg,
Houston, USA
2011 ABN-AMRO, 'Galerie Agnes Raben presents',
2011 ‘Kunstschatten’, van der Aa-kerk,
GBK Groningen & SBK Amsterdam, Groningen
2011 Pulchri Studio,’het Nabeeld van Toeval’
The Hague, solo
2011 Showroom, Arnhem, GBK, 39 x solo
2010 Galerie 23, Helmond, solo
2010 Vonkel galerie, The Hague, ‘Sprook’
2010 Agnes Raben galerie,’Space-cowboy,
Vorden, solo
2009 Vonkel galerie,The Hague, solo
2009 Artotheek 18, Roosendaal, solo
2009 Pulchri Studio, The Hague, ‘Abstract’,
groupexpo with Martin Rous jr, Vuijst,
Eddy Stikkelorum, Marja Bijlevelt
2008 galerie Zone, Leiden, solo
2008 Gewest Haaglanden, Art4U, solo
2008 Arts Space, NYArts Beijing, China,
project expositie
2008 Vonkel galerie, ‘OM’, The Hague, solo
2007 Pulchri Studio,’de Chaos en de Ruige
Hond’, The Hague, solo
2006/07 Amaco Beleggingsinstituut, Amsterdam,
invited by buro HaaseTedder, solo
2006 Pulchri Studio, The Hague, ‘de tekenaar’
2005 3th International ArtFestival Chania,
Crete, Grece
2004/05 Galerie Sala Barna, Barcelona, Spain
2003 University Gallery, North Carolina,
Wilmington,’ USA No Boundaries Collection 2002’
2002 World Bank, WashingtonDC, USA, ‘Dialogue
in Diverse Views’
2001 Osogovski Monastry, Kriva Palanka,
1998 Stroom HCBK/Quartair, The Hague, 'Try
out', installation with film
1998 Quartair, Den Haag, '750 meters in The Hague',
with Marcel van Eeden, Justin Benett, Pim
Voorneman, Adriaan Nette, installation
1997 Alliance Francais Gallery, Madras, India,
‘7 contemporary women artists'
1997 Chitraniketan Art Gallery, Trivandrum,
India, 'A womans' Hand'
1993 Galerie Trace, Maastricht, tekeningen
1992 Galerie Maurits v/d Laar, The Hague,
paintings with Hetty v/d Heiden
1990 De driehoek v/h tekenen, HKK The Hague,
Fries Museum Leeuwarden, Perroen Aktuele
Kunst Maastricht, with Allie v.Altena,
Michel Hoogervorst, Zoltan Peeter, F.M.