Jihee Yoo

Jihee Yoo

Seoul, Ilsan, South Korea

About Jihee Yoo

I am a painter currently living and working in Seoul, South Korea. Inspired by scenery created through nature and architecture that intrigues our memories into past experience and atmosphere.


Studied at International School of Milan, Italy in 2000 to 2004.
BFA in Painting Department of Hongik University, Seoul, South Korea 2012.
MFA in Painting in Hongik Graduate School, Seoul, South Korea 2016.


Art Fair
2019 Breeze Artfair, Seoul, Korea
2019 Zurich International Artfair, Zurich, Switzerland
2018 , Coex, Seoul
2018 , Sejeong Art Center, Seoul
2017 , Gyeong-gi Foundation of Arts and Culture
2016 Kimreea Gallery, Seoul
2016 Bluesquare Nemo, Seoul
2016 Fnart space, Bexco, Busan
2016 Seoul Auction Gana Artspace, Seoul
2015 Seoul Innovation Park, Seoul
2015 Platform12, BEXCO, Busan
2014 Culture station Seoul 284, Seoul

2015 The Third Breeze Prize, Seoul, Korea


Solo Exhibition
2019 , Minari Arthouse, Seoul, Korea
2019 , GS tower, Seoul, Korea
2018 , Artspace Loo, Seoul
2017 Art247, Seoul
2016 United Gallery, Seoul
2016 Ji Hee Yoo, Kiss Gallery, Seoul
2016 Ji Hee Yoo, Humax Artroom, Gyeonggi
2015 Ji-Hee Yoo solo exhibition, Moare Gallery, Seoul

Group Exhibition
2019 , Artmora Seoul, Seoul
2019 , Hyundai Department KINTEX, Ilsan Korea
2019 , Gallery Aile, Seoul Korea
2017 , Gallery the Grace, Seoul
2017 ART247, Seoul
2017 Ceres Home, Seoul
2017 Minari House, Seoul
2016 Choi Jungha Gallery, Seoul
2016 Fnart Space, Seoul
2016 Hoon Gallery, Seoul
2015 Mimesis Art Museum, Paju
2015 Choi Jungah Gallery, Seoul
2015 Choi Jungah Gallery, Seoul
2015 Aka Space, Seoul
2015 , Starjade, Busan
2014 Hongik University of Contemporary Art, Seoul
2012 solo booth art show, Hongik Univ, Seoul
2012 Contemporary Art Museum of Hongik Univ., Seoul
2012 Palais de seoul, Seoul
2012 Alpha Gallery, Seoul
2012 Palais de seoul, Seoul