Javier Montesol

Javier Montesol

Villanueva de la Cañada, Madrid, Spain

About Javier Montesol

Javier Montesol was born in Barcelona in 1952 and belongs to the Countercultural and Underground movement of the 70s.

He began as a comic book artist participating in the creation of new Spanish comic magazines such as Star, Cairo and El Víbora.

In the 80's he became interested in painting and began to sell in a new and revolutionary format, in the Supermercado del Arte, where only once a year, at Christmas, the amateur and collector public could buy at a very good price works by well-known painters and cartoonists.

In 1992, the year of the Barcelona Olympics, he decided to settle in Brittany, France with his wife and 4 young children to devote himself exclusively to painting, exhibiting in Europe and the United States.

In 2012 he returns to comics publishing the graphic novel "SPEAK LOW" and 2017 with the famous Prado Museum, he publishes his comic album "IDILIO".

He teams up with his Agent and Engineer Rocco Ballester to address the new digital era, presence in social networks and digital galleries, participating also in international fairs and private exhibitions.

From this partnership begins the global presence of Javier Montesol, it is a combination of craftsmanship and traditional knowledge of painting with a presence in international markets, social networks and Montesol art as an investment.

You now have the opportunity to participate in the revaluation of Javier Montesol, because it has the tradition of the best Spanish painting and the vision of the future to be present in the new global art markets.


-I entered the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 1969 to study economics, after 2 years I left the university due to the political instability of my country from an ending Dictatorial regime.

-Art self-educated, starting with comics as a teenager being founder of emblematic magazines such as Star and Cairo in Barcelona. Then moved to a full time vocational Artist painter in my 20s.


1952- Born in Barcelona, ​​in the Guinardó neighborhood.
1962-1969- He studied high school at the Jaime Balmes Institute and at San José
de Calasanz.
1969-1972- Economics courses at the Autonomous Faculty of Barcelona. He
abandons his third year due to the strikes and disorders of the end of
Francoism. He decides to dedicate himself to comics.
1972- He works in Editorial Productions and together with the editor Juanjo
Fernández they found what would be the first Underground comic magazine
in the Spanish state. "Star". -Contact the members of the group “El Rrollo
1973- Stay in Ibiza and Formentera. Publication of the comic books “Nasti de
Plasti”, “El Sidecar”, “A la calle”.
1976- Happening exhibition “The Veo” in the Magic Room.
1977- Start of the “Montesol and Onliyú Show” on Radio Juventud. Barcelona
1980- Collaborator of the magazines Víbora and Bésame mucho.
1981- He publishes “la Noche de Siempre”, with a script by Ramón from Spain.
1982 - Participates in the founding of the magazine “Cairo
1984- Collective exhibition at the La Caixa de Pensions Foundation.
"Maremagnum Gráfic".
-Publish the album “Destino Gris”, with drawings by Roger Subirachs.
Editorial Plot
1985- Publishes "Exemplary Lives". Editorial Standard
-Don Vito. Editorial Pamiela. Iruña
1987- He started painting thanks to the "Supermerc´Art" by the dealer Jean Pierre
Guillemot. -Comic strip at the “Diari de Barcelona”
1988- Publishes "Neo i Post". Quaderns Cream. Barcelona
1989- Leaves the Comic to dedicate himself to painting, he will participate in all
editions of the Supermerc´Art in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Valencia until 2005.
-Publicate “Exemplary Lives, Domestic Wars”. Editorial complot
1990- Kaixú Gallery. Vilafranca del Penedés.
-Daily comic strip for ABC Catalunya. Black and White Illustrator. Madrid
-Comic strip for "Gente de Verano". ABC. 1990-2001
-Opisso and Dora. Editorial Plot
1991- Poster for the "III Tardor Festival" -Americant Prints Gallery. Barcelona.
1992- Rebull Room. Reus.
-Minerva room. Killed.
- "XV of XX". Itinerant collective through 15 Catalan cities.
-Art i Traça Gallery. Olot
-Gallery Ciutat Vella. Barcelona.
-Editing lithographs. Américant Prints.
-Editing the book "Montesol". Art.XVII. Reus.
-In June 1992 he moved his residence to "Vigneux de Bratagne". France .
1993- Rebull Room. Reus.
-Febo Gallery. Sant Cugat del Vallés.
-Galerie Le Rayon Vert. Nantes
-Galerie Hyperbole. The Baule
-Barnadas Gallery. Barcelona
-Delmau Hall Collective. Barcelona
-International Miami Art Fire. USES
1994 - Lola Anglada Room. Barcelona
-Rencontres Atlantiques de L´Art. Guerande and La Baule
-Galerie Antirreflets. Nantes
-Immobiliere du Credit Mutuel. Nantes
-Restaurant Bel-Air. Barcelona
-200x700 cm work. Oil on paper, for the Free Zone Consortium. Barcelona
-File design for the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.
1995- Jorge Alcolea Gallery. Madrid
-Galerie Antireflets. Nantes
-Editing lithographs for Américant Prints.
-Edition of the “Nantes” lithograph at the Musée de l´imprimerie. Nantes
-Editing the book "Nantes Panoramique", with the poet Ives Cosson, member of the Academy of Brittany.
-Illustration for the magazine “Ronda Iberia”.
1996- Galerie "Art Comparaison". Nantes
-Nonell room. Barcelona
-Collective Jorge Alcolea Gallery. Madrid
-Illustration for the 1997 calendar of the DSM Oil Company. Holland
1997- Jorge Albero Gallery. Madrid
-Work for the Dry Martini collection. Barcelona
-Edition of "Paris Contemporaine". Arica Editions. Paris
1998-Rebull Room. Reus
-Scenery for "Guys & Dolls". Directed by Mario Gas. National


1999- Jorge Alcolea Gallery. Madrid
-Editing the lithograph "World Map". Viajes el Corte Inglés.
-Work of 180x350 cm for the headquarters of Viajes el Corte Inglés .Madrid
-Max Performing Arts Award, for the scenography of "Guys & Dolls".
-First Supermerc´Art in Milan by the gallery owner Jorge Alcolea. Italy
-He leaves his residence in Vigneux de Bratagne to settle in Villanueva de la Cañada Madrid.
2000- Poster for the “Jocs Florals Barcelona 2000”
-Coruña Casino Exhibition.
-Editing lithographs for Américant Prints.
-Edition of the lithograph "Paris". Viajes el Corte Inglés. Antonio Gayo Workshop. Madrid
-Action Painting for Mercedes A-Class. The Moncloa Dome. Madrid
-Illustrations for the New ABC.
2001- Nonell Room. Barcelona
-Jorge Alcolea Gallery "Madrid-NYC". Madrid
-Edition of the lithography "NYC". Travel El Corte Inglés. Aznar workshops. Barcelona
2002-Nonell Room "BCN-NYC". Barcelona
-Sadurní room. Vich
-30 fabrics 150x150 cm for Hotel Mojacar. Almeria
-Editing lithographs. Américant Prints. Aznar workshops. Barcelona.
2003-Moncloa Cultural Center Exhibition. Madrid
-Jorge Alcolea Gallery. Madrid
-Ismes Gallery. Vilanova i la Geltrú
-Poster for the First Verbena of the Year. San Antonio of Florida. Madrid
-Editing Lithographs for "Festival Cruises"
-Lithography Edition for Anna Pahissa. BCN
-Edition of the lithography "Plaça Mercadal". Ajuntament de Reus. Aznar workshops. Barcelona.
2004-Jorge Alcolea Gallery. Valencia
-Summer and Fall Collectives. Jorge Alcolea Gallery. Madrid
-Illustrations for "25 years of Santi Pámies Jewelry". Reus
-Illustration for "Cultures". The vanguard. Barcelona
2005-Jorge Alcolea Gallery. Madrid
-Monographic on Mallorca. Mallorca Fair. Oscar Pámies.
-120x240cm work. Sant Jordi de Cornellá Center. Barcelona
2006-Jorge Alcolea Gallery. Madrid
-Collective "Bulls and Bullfighters". Jorge Alcolea Gallery. Madrid
- "The Modern Still Life". Oscar Pámies
-Marbella Contemporary Art Fair. Oscar Pámies
2007-Jorge Alcolea Gallery. Madrid
-Collective "Bulls and Bullfighters". Jorge Alcolea Gallery. Madrid
-Collective "From Comic to Painting". Moncada Gallery. Barcelona
-Marbella Contemporary Art Fair. Oscar Pámies.
-Graphic Art Fair "Print". Presentation of Serigraphs "Madrid and Bulls". Pepe
Herrera's workshop. Madrid
-Illustration for the book "25 years of Torre España", TVE.
2008- “Madrid-Montesol”. Casa de Vacas. Retirement. Madrid
-Jorge Alcolea Gallery. Madrid
-Casino de Reus. Oscar Pámies
- "Girona". Art XXV Gallery. Girona
-Collective of "Summer" and "Bulls and Bullfighters". Jorge Alcolea Gallery.
2009-9MA Gallery. Barcelona
-Happy Peace Gallery. Madrid
2010- "Bullfighting". Antonio Bienvenida room. Plaza de las Ventas. Madrid
2011-Integral Montesol. Villanueva de la Cañada Cultural Center.
-Performance at the Oscar Pámies Gallery. L´Art festival. Barcelona
-Collective "Toreador". Plaza de las Ventas. Madrid
- "MadridMontesol". Tourist Information Point of the Community of Madrid.
Plaza de la Independencia nº6. Madrid
2012- Publication of his graphic novel "Speak Low". Editorial SinsSentido.
- Reissue by EDT, of his graphic novels: "La Noche de Siempre" and "Fin de
- Exhibition of "MadridMontesol", in the temporary exhibition hall of the Castillo
de Manzanares el Real. Madrid
- Creation of the official website: www.javiermontesol.com
- ExitMontesol. at Exit Art Gallery. Adolfo Dominguez Foundation. Madrid
2013- Participation in the course "Art and Communication in the Comic", FEC
Foundation. Seville
- Lithograph for "19 vintage of Viña el Pisón", Artadi wineries. The guard.